National Vegetarian Week is a week where people can challenge themselves to cut meat out of their diet and be a vegetarian for this specific week. National Vegetarian Week also creates awareness of the importance of vegetarianism and the benefits that it can have to your diet and the benefits that it has to the planet.

Vegetarian Sandwiches

So far this week we have looked at various meals that you can eat for National Vegetarian Week and for Day 4 we are looking at all of the different vegetarian fillings that there are for sandwiches, to make having a meat free lunch even easier. For those with little time of their hands you can always buy ready made sandwiches from supermarkets and other food stores. Supermarkets also sell ready made sandwich fillings, such as cheese and onion, which all you have to do is spread onto sliced bread to then make up your sandwich.


Sandwiches can be made up of whatever ingredients you like and that is the great thing about sandwiches, they can be unique to each person. Get your favourite vegetarian fillings together and see what you can come up with. Be creative and have some fun.

Egg and Cress

Egg and cress is a popular sandwich filling and is very good for you as it contains lots of iron and protein. Egg and cress is made up by the egg being mixed in a bowl along with a suitable amount of mayonnaise. This is then spread onto sliced bread and then topped with cress. Egg and cress tastes nice on brown or wholemeal bread. You will find that you can buy an egg and cress sandwich in many supermarkets and food stores. You can also buy an egg mayonnaise filling in supermarkets which makes it easier to make a sandwich, then all you have to do is add some fresh salad cress.

Egg and Cucumber

Egg and cucumber is a nice alternative to have to egg and cress and does in fact have a completely different taste to egg and cress. To make the perfect egg and cucumber sandwich, slice your egg and cucumber up then layer the egg and cucumber onto some fresh bread. Finish this sandwich off by adding some salad cream, try it and see what you think.


Keep it simple and have a simple cucumber sandwich. Cucumbers are very tasty and have a lot of flavour in them. Make sure that you pack lots of cucumber into a cucumber sandwich for lots of flavour. If you feel like you would like more in a cucumber sandwich then you can always add other ingredients such as cheese or tomato which can make up a nice vegetarian sandwich. Cucumber is low in calories as well, so having a cucumber sandwich can be good for you if you are keeping an eye on what you eat. Cucumber can be quite watery, so can be quite refreshing to have, especially on a warmer day.



A ploughman’s sandwich is another popular vegetarian sandwich that is sold in many supermarkets, food stores and even pubs. A ploughman’s sandwich traditionally contains cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles and mayonnaise. This sandwich is full of flavour and can also be very filling.



A simple cheese sandwich can be very tasty and very easy to make. There are so many different cheese varieties to choose from that this sandwich can be different every time that you make it or purchase it. A cheese sandwich is a perfect sandwich to toast as the cheese melts nicely and can be nice to eat on those colder days.

Cheese and Coleslaw

Cheese and coleslaw is a nice and refreshing sandwich to eat. The best cheese to use for a cheese and coleslaw sandwich is a mature cheddar cheese. Slice some cheese and place this onto your sandwich then add a suitable amount of coleslaw to your sandwich for a tasty vegetarian lunchtime meal.

Cheese and Tomato

A cheese and tomato sandwich can vary in lots of different ways, depending on the cheese that you decide to use. To make a simple cheese and tomato sandwich many people will use sliced cheddar cheese and sliced tomatoes. You can also use red Leicester cheese which is very tasty and goes well with the tastes of the tomato. Mozzarella cheese and tomato go very well together, especially in a sandwich which has been toasted, as shown in the picture. You can also add some pesto and fresh basil leaves for extra flavour.

Cheese and Onion

Cheese and onion sandwiches can be very tasty and can vary wherever you go. Some places will use different types of onion so may use either white onion, red onion or spring onion. You can also buy ready made cheese and onion sandwich fillers in supermarkets which make sandwich making even easier. Cheese and onion is a nice sandwich filling that can be toasted as a panini.

Choose one of these fillings and try one out this week for National Vegetarian Week. You may find that you like the tastes of vegetarian fillings and can stop eating meat sandwiches for lunch. Experiment with various fillings and come up with one to suit your tastes and enjoy a nice vegetarian lunch.