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The Smart Editions App has been exclusively designed to suit your particular restaurant or takeaway and the type of food which you provide. This means that if you want something a bit more unique but do not want something entirely bespoke then the Smart Editions App is for you. We have spent the past year designing and developing the Smart Editions App making sure that we have a design to suit each individual restaurant or takeaway. We have a choice of Pizza, Burger, Indian and Chinese Apps which can then be branded with your logo along with the Smart Restaurants App features.

£1,495Upfront Cost

For just £1,495 you can have your very own exclusive App for your restaurant or takeaway. This is a one off cost to cover the development of the App. In return you will receive an App for both iPhone and Android along with an Online Admin System which you can use to manage your menu, your special offers and view your database of customers.



With the Smart Editions App, you can choose the App to suit your restaurant or takeaway. Your logo will be displayed in the App Store icon for both iTunes and Google Play. Your logo will also be used within the loading screen, the login screen and within the App. You can include images of your restaurant or takeaway within the Gallery section and your full menu can display individual photographs of each menu item. Give your customers a little bit of information about yourself in the About Us section so that they can get to know you.

£59 Monthly Maintenance Fee

At Smart Restaurants we are 100% commission free as we believe the profits you make from orders should be kept by you. The £59 monthly maintenance fee will give you the peace of mind that your Smart Editions App will be kept running as smoothly as possible and kept up to date to work with the latest operating systems when iPhone and Android make any software updates or when new smart phones are released

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