An App for your Restaurant or Takeaway

The Smart Basic App is the signature Smart Restaurants App, based on the Smart Restaurants branding and colours. This is the first App design which is a simple design for those that want a simple, basic and no fuss App, perfect if you are on a budget as it is low cost. The Smart Basic App can be developed within a month so is a good choice if you are in need of a quick App to be developed for your restaurant or takeaway to display your menu and let customers process orders through.

  • An App to match your Restaurant/ Takeaway
  • Your App with your Restaurant/ Takeaway logo
  • Fully customisable menu with item images
  • Your customers can order through your App
  • Customers can pay for their  meal through your App
  • Customers can gain loyalty rewards
  • Share your Takeaway or Restaurant through Social Media
  • Customers can view your gallery

Available for iPhone & Android


You don’t share your app or pay a commision

Although the Smart Basic App is designed in the Smart Restaurants colours it is a still an App which will be unique to your restaurant or takeaway. Your logo will be used for the App Store icon, used on the loading screen and within the App itself. Inside the App you can add images of your restaurant or takeaway to the Gallery and you can also add photographs of the food and drink to each menu item so customers can see what they are ordering. You can also let your customers know what sort or restaurant or takeaway you are by giving a brief description in the About Us section.


For just a one off fee of £995 you can have your very own App for your restaurant or takeaway. This one off cost will provide you with Apps for both iPhone and Android along with an Online Admin System to amend your menu, manage customer orders, send special offers and view your growing customer database.

£59 Monthly licence

At Smart Restaurants we are 100% commission free as we believe that the money you make from orders should be kept by you. The £59 monthly maintenance fee will give you the peace of mind that we at Smart Restaurants are here to keep your App running as smoothly as possible and will make sure that your App is kept up to date to work with the latest operating systems when iPhone and Android make any future software updates.



Smart Payment

Allow your customers to pay by credit card through your App. Orders are sent directly from the customers phone giving them the option to pay by card or cash on delivery / collection. When you receive the order you also know if they have paid or not. All major credit cards accepted.