Mulitple Locations

If you have many locations and other brands then list them all in one app to help your customers find your other restaurants and use the same loyalty system.

piccolino app

Lots of Options

Promote your Restaurant through your very own Mobile App allowing your customers to view your menu, find your location, check out your gallery and social media accounts and book a table.

Customers can reserve a table

Your Customers can book a table through your App.

Menu Ordering App

View and Order from your Menu

Customers can order food and drink from the App whilst sitting at the table in your Restaurant.

Replace the Pen & Pad

Your Waiters can use your app to place orders straight to the counter and still asign Loyalty Points to the customer.

Restaurant Location App

Customers can Find you easily

Customers can easily find your restaurant with a map and directions on how to get to the restaurant with Google Map Integration.

Show off your Restaurant

 The restaurant can use the gallery on the App to show customers what the restaurant is like and the atmosphere of the restaurant, along with pictures of the various food which is available.

Recieve & Print Orders

Recieve and Print Orders from your counter, we can also intergrate the App into your POS at an additional cost.

Pay & Split the Bill

Customers can Pay the bill and split the bill depending on the friends they are sharing the meal with. This Option is only available with our Bespoke App Development.