Food Outlets Forced to Close

The UK went into lockdown on the 23rd March 2020. This left many Pubs, Restaurants and Takeaways having to close their doors and quickly come up with new ideas to keep their businesses going. Many were able to stay open and offer a takeaway service only, although with staff cuts many found this a struggle to keep up with the demand of those customers wanting takeaways. Strict safety measures had to be put into place to make sure food was being handed over at a safe distance or for those that were delivering, the takeaway was to be bagged or boxed up and left at the customers doorstep.

More People Using Digital Services

Covid-19 has affected not only the people of Britain but the rest of the World in a way that no one thought they would ever see in their lifetime. It has forced people to open their eyes to a new way of living and to what the digital world has to offer. Customers will get used to this new way of living and start using online services more, as it is a much safer way to shop and order food as there is less interaction with others.

The Restaurant Industry may be hit quite badly as they are unable to open until at least July 2020, and less people will want to go to a restaurant as they will be in fear of mixing with others after spending so long living in this lockdown. Therefore, it is important to get your services online to appeal to those that are now using Apps and Websites for their ordering, as this is what they have become accustomed to.

Although Covid-19 has installed these new fears in people and closed down businesses on the high street, this is the perfect opportunity to diversify and start using the digital platform to your advantage while the demand for this sort of service is at its highest.

What Smart Restaurants Can Offer

At Smart Restaurants, we specialise in developing Mobile Apps and Websites and can help make your business digital. We can offer our Basic Template Apps or provide you with a fully Bespoke App to match your company branding and include many bespoke features to help push the catering services you provide. Takeaway collection and delivery services can all be managed using the App, allowing your customers to choose how they want to order.

With your very own ordering App you will be able to target your customers in this new way for your business and by using Smart Restaurants you will be able to reward your customers with a loyalty programme as well as send notifications with any special offers you may have. This is a new way to get in touch with your customers. No one reads emails any more, but a simple push notification reminding your customers to order a tempting sounding dish is enough to make mouths water and create an easy sale.