Make it your Indian App

By choosing the Indian Edition you will receive an App to represent your brand and the type of food your restaurant or takeaway provides. Each Edition App is branded with your own logo and your choice of a custom loading splash screen.


  • An App to match your Indian Takeaway
  • Your App with your Indian logo
  • Fully customisable menu with item images
  • Your customers can order through your App
  • Customers can pay for their Indian meal through your App
  • Customers can gain loyalty rewards
  • Share your Indian Takeaway or Restaurant through Social Media
  • Customers can view your gallery

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Multiple Locations

If you have more than one Indian restaurant or takeaway then you will be pleased to know that each location can sit inside the one App. Customers will be able to select where to order from and can find out which location is closest through the App which works by their GPS.

Indian Edition Home Screen

The Indian Edition has an Indian themed home screen so automatically your customers will have an idea of the type of food your restaurant or takeaway provides.

Easy Access to your Indian Menu

The Indian Edition provides your customers with an easy to use App. Your menu can be found on the home screen where your customer is able to view your full menu and easily place an order.



Smart Payment

Allow your customers to pay by credit card through your App. Orders are sent directly from the customers phone giving them the option to pay by card or cash on delivery / collection. When you receive the order you also know if they have paid or not. All major credit cards accepted.