Smart Phones are used to find information and special offers!

With your own app your customers can instantly view your menu, 

view your latest offers and gain loyalty rewards!

Special Offers

Your customers will be able to view your latest offers you manage from your admin system.

Loyalty Points

When each user places orders, writes a testimonial or shares on Facebook they gain loyalty points to use at your restaurant. For example 50 loyalty points gets a free desert.



‘Like’ your food or ‘Dislike’ it. 

Your customers can give you valuable feedback, if they like it their friends on Facebook get to hear about it. If they dislike it then you get to know about it.

Favorites stored for the future!

Your customers can create a favourite List with the items of their choice so that when they next visit your restaurant or decide to order a takeaway they can view their favourite dishes.

Help them choose

If Your customers can’t decide what to order they have the option to view the most popular dishes selected by all your customers by sorting the menu by most liked.

View Past Orders

Your customers can view their past orders and save time by pressing re-order. This is useful to customers who regally place the same orders. They can now order again in seconds!