Bar App for Food and Drink Ordering

The Smart Restaurants Ordering App has already been successfully used in a number Bars & Restaurants. Having an App allows your customers to contactless order their food and drink, and collect loyalty reward points.

Bespoke Options Available

Each Bar is different, and that is why you might need some additional bespoke development. This can be discussed with your dedicated account manager and we can quote accordingly.

What’s Included:

  • Optional Bespoke App Design
  • App Developed for iPhone & Android
  • Collect Customer Data
  • Customers can view and order from the menu
  • Order to Table
  • Credit Card Payments through Paymentsense
  • Options for Customer Loyalty
  • Online Admin to manage Customers, Menu, Offers and Push Notifications.
  • Reporting Available in online Admin
  • Manager App to receive the orders on with an optional bluetooth printer.




View Menu

The menu can be viewed by the user by category, each item can have the option to have an image added, descrption and price.

Edit Menu Items

If your drink or food item has editable options then these can be added in the admin.

Extras can also be added with additional cost associated with the item for example ‘Espresso Shot £0.80″

View Food / Drink Details

View more details of the Food and Drinks on offer, and add to basket.


Add Items to Cart





View Cart

Items added to cart can be viewed before proceeding to checkout.


Order to Table Via QR Code

Scanning Table

We give you the ability to create unique QR codes for each table, when a customer orders to their table they can scan the QR code and the order along with the Table Number is sent to the POS / Manager App.

Benefits of QR Code Table Ordering

By allowing your customers to order to their table by scanning a QR Code means the table numbers will not get muddled up and the right customer will get their order.


Order to Table Via Table Number


Inputting Table Number

If you do not want to manage ordering to the table via a QR code, then you can simply allow your customers to add the table number they are sitting at during checkout.

Benefits of Table Number Ordering

Some Bars / Restaurants have tables with table numbers on spoons which can vary depending on their table layout, so this is perfect as there does not have to be a permanent code on a certain table.


Payment Options

All options can be made in-active if you do not want to use a payment method.

Pay On Collection

Users can pay for their food / drinks when they collect with Cash or Card at the POS. The cashier will be notified.

Pay By Card

Pay Securely by Credit / Debit Card.




Customer Loyalty Rewards


Collect Reward Points

Your Customers can collect reward points to spend on items such as a Free Drink.

Benefits of Loyalty Points

By offering customers loyalty it keeps them purchasing food and drinks from your bar for rewards by collecting enough points to be rewarded with free food and drink, keeping them coming back for more.

Reward Points at the POS

Reward points can be added and redeemed at the Point of Sale with our Smart Ordering App. Allowing customers to collect and redeem points who have placed direct orders rather than through the app using a QR Code.

My Favourites


Customers can add items to their favourites for easily adding to their basket.

All items favourited from the menu will appear in the favourites section accessed from the dashboard.




Customers can Re-Order from previous orders, to save time going through the menu. This comes in handy as customers will often purchase the same drink or round.

Managing Your App


All apps come with a manager app, and if you have a bespoke app we will brand the manager app. The Manager app is used to receive and manage orders, push notifications can be sent to the customer and you can also send the orders into the kitchen or print a receipt using a bluetooth printer supplied separately.


You will also be provided with access to your online admin. You will be able to manage the Menu & Prices, Special Offers, Send Push Notifications, View & Download Reports, Manage Table Numbers.

Enquire Now

Smart Restaurant Edition


All Features above included, no bespoke design or development ability. Your logo and choice of background image will be used.

SR Bespoke App


All Features above included, bespoke design to match your brand identity and the ability to discuss further bespoke development

There is a licence fee of £79 per month per location for Hosting & Maintenance, including all future updates. Prices quoted exclude VAT.