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The Smart Bespoke App is an App which can be entirely unique and bespoke to your requirements for your restaurant or takeaway. Each Bespoke App which we build will differ to each other, not just because the design will be completely different but various clients choose to have something different to the other and that way we can make it entirely bespoke to suit the needs of each particular restaurant or takeaway.

£2,995Upfront Cost

With the Smart Restaurants Bespoke App, you really do get what you pay for. Your App will be of high quality, bespoke and unique to your restaurant or takeaway. If there is a particular area that you feel is important for your restaurant or takeaway then this is what we can focus on, making sure that this App works exactly how you want it to.

Paying that bit more will give you a completely unique App, knowing no other restaurant or takeaway will have the same App. You also have the ability to change, add and remove certain parts of the functionality of the App so that it works exactly how you would like it to. The App can be completely tailored to suit your branding so that it matches your corporate identity.

£59 *Monthly Maintenance Fee

At Smart Restaurants we are 100% commission free. We believe that the the profits which you make from orders should be kept by the restaurant or takeaway. The £59 monthly maintenance fee will give you the peace of mind that your Bespoke App will be kept running as smoothly as possible. Your Bespoke App and will be kept up to date to work with the very latest operating syems when iPhone and Android make any software updates.

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Bespoke App Development

Many of our clients need custom functionality developing and with a Bespoke App we can make that happen

Order 1-2-3 Process App

If you have certain menu items which are required to order in a 1-2-3 step process then we can provide you with the facility for your customers to do just that. This allows you to provide a base, sauce and toppings to certain items. This functionality is only available for a Bespoke Smart Restaurants App.

Chat Facility

Add the Order Chat facility to your Bespoke App, allowing your customers to get in touch directly through your App. This can be turned on and off depending on how busy you are.

Order Tracking

Add Order Tracking to your Bespoke App, allowing your customer to view an updated graphic for when their order has been received, out for delivery and delivered.

We can Develop the Functionality you Require

Smart Payment

Allow your customers to pay by credit card through your App. Orders are sent directly from the customers phone giving them the option to pay by card or cash on delivery / collection. When you receive the order you also know if they have paid or not. All major credit cards accepted.


*An additional £20 per month for accepting credit cards and POS integration licence from £20 per month