Project Description

Gino 2 Go – My Pasta Bar App

Smart Restaurants was excited to work with Gino D’acamp and his team for his growing business called My Pasta Bar. We developed a Bespoke App for My Pasta Bar allowing customers to use the App to place orders in advance to takeaway or to use whilst seated at a table. In development we had to change designs to suit the updated branding of My Pasta Bar. A number of locations sit inside the one App allowing customers to order from their closest location.

Food & Drink on the Go

With the hustle and bustle of London, people don’t have 5 minutes spare. Now with the Gino 2 Go app you can walk down Fleet Street, order a Coffee and Breakfast or Lunch from my Pasta Bar, Pay through the App using PayPal or Credit Card and collect at a time you choose.



Gino D’Accampo Gallery

As a TV celelbrity Gino D’Accampo needed to show off his own good looks and the amazing food his restaurant has to offer, along with the great design and friendly staff. Users of the app have the ability to scroll through the My Pasta Bar Gallery inside their app.