Project Description

Rada – Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts App

RADA was established in 1904 by renowned actor-manager Sir Herbert Beerbohm Tree in rooms above His Majesty’s Theatre in the West End: an academy founded by the industry for the industry.

The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) offers vocational training for actors, stage managers, designers and technical stagecraft specialists. They pride themselves on the exceptional standard of their facilities, technology, teaching and productions, and the personalisation of our training tailored to the needs of each student.

Rada App Development

We worked with Rada to develop an app to work in the Rada Bar and the Rada Refectory. Students can collect reward points to spend on items such as Free Coffee. Students can also load the app with pre-paid credit, bursary credits can automatically be applied to Bursary Students, and in the Rada Refectory users can scan to basket with the self service food area is and pay at the checkout with either card or credits.

Rada Loyalty Rewards

Collect Reward Points

Rada Students can collect reward points on food and drink to spend on items such as Free Coffee.

Benefits of Loyalty Points

By offering the students of Rada loyalty will keep them purchasing food and drinks from either the Rada Bar or Rada Refectory outlet for the end goal of collecting enough points to be rewarded with a free drink.


Reward Points at the POS

Reward points can be added and redeemed at the Point of Sale with our Smart Ordering App. Allowing students to collect and redeem points who have placed direct orders rather than through the app.




View Menu

The menu has been set up with a photograph of each item of food and drink Rada sell.

Edit Menu Items

Drink and food items have editable options all managed fro the admin

Options can also be added for example for example Semi-Skimmed Milk or additional options with a cost associated with it for upselling.

Add Items to Cart





Add More or View Order

View more details of the Food and Drinks on offer, and add to basket.


View Cart

Items added to cart can be viewed before proceeding to checkout.


Payment Options

Students and Staff have the following options to pay through the app.

Pay By Credit

Using Either Bursary Credit or Self Loaded Credit through ‘My Vouchers’

Pay By Card

Pay by Credit Card

Pay On Collection

Users can pay for their food / drinks when they collect. The cashier will be notified.



One Touch Ordering

Students can Save time by creating their ‘One Touch Ordering’ Button.

Add your Favourites, and your Payment Preference to order you pre-selected order in One Touch for quick and easily ordering food on the go.




Another time saving feature, Students  can Re-Order from previous orders

Scan to Basket

We have developed a Scan to Basket option for  The Rada Refectory which is a Canteen / Self Service Food outlet. Students can scan the food as they go. In the Smart Restaurants Admin Panel the managers can create and print barcodes for all food sold, and create and print new barcodes for items made on site to scan such as ‘Soup of the Day’.


Student Benefits

The Students and Staff can scan as they go which saves time at the POS, they can also pay for the food using the app using credit card / or online credit once scanned at the POS and the operator will see the food as been paid for and can do a quick check if necessary.

Vouchers & Credit

Digital Wallet Vouchers

  • Students can buy vouchers / credit to be used within the app.
  • Parents can top-up App
  • Gift A Coffee to Friends



Users can purchase credit to spend within the app against food items. This also means Students Parents can pre-load their app if the want to make sure their children are eating Healthy meals onsite. You can also use this system to offer a £10 Voucher with £11 Credit giving the user a 10% discount and you a pre-sale of £10.


Gift a Coffee Voucher

Customers can purchase a Coffee Voucher and Gift it to a Friend. If the user does not have the app they will be sent an email to downlad the app to claim their Coffee. This is a good way for Students to share Coffee on Friends Birthdays, or insentives good be set by Tutors to gift Coffees to students doing well.


Rada Student Bursary Credit

Rada had a dilemma where they were physically handing out cash to their bursary students who would end up not spending the money on food within Rada and potentially spending it on drink and cigarettes rather than the substantial meals within the Rada Bar and Rada Refectory. We developed the Bursary module where students are allocated an allowance to spend within the food facilities within Rada.


By managing the bursary through the app you are not having to give students physical cash and can be added at the start of each term. This also means students can only spend their bursary through the School Canteen, Cafe which means the school gains food and drink sales.


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