The Meatless Monday Campaign

The Meat Free Monday first came about in 2003, with the Meatless Monday campaign to encourage people to eat less meat and to also be a bit healthier. As a result this has become quite big with food companies, restaurants and takeaways getting involved with Meat Free Monday’s. For this they will offer vegetarian meal recipes and restaurants and takeaways will offer vegetarian special dishes that may vary from week to week.

Restaurants and Takeaways

Some restaurants and takeaways unfortunately do not always realise the importance of a varied choice of vegetarian food. Some may only offer one or two simple vegetarian options. With the Meat Free Monday campaign, it is a good way of recognising vegetarianism and getting more meat free dishes onto the menu or specials board. Hopefully as this campaign goes on, more restaurants and takeaways will introduce more vegetarian meals to their menus.


Vegetarian Food

Those who are meat eaters may enjoy sampling vegetarian food. Firstly it is healthier and there is such a big variety of vegetarian food. With the introduction of the Quorn brand in 2002, it is now easier to make meatless, yet meat tasting, alternatives to meat. Quorn produces a variety of products that taste like meat but are all completely and utterly meat free. All the products are very nutritional, full of protein and many are also low in calories. Quorn produces most things that a meat eater would eat such as mince, chicken fillets, chicken Kiev’s, chicken burgers, chicken nuggets, beef burgers, sausages and the list goes on.


Lots of food companies will get involved with Meat Free Monday’s on social networking sites, such as Facebook and Twitter, and offer recipes and meat free vegetarian ideas. They will also post pictures where friends and followers can comment or even get involved with showing what meat free dish they have come up with or have planned to eat on Meat Free Monday.



If the meat free Monday campaign becomes more recognised, more people will realise the importance of it and more companies may get involved with this too. There are many vegetarian dishes out there that are so tasty and in some cases even more tastier than meat dishes. So join the campaign today and have a completely Meat Free Monday!