Burger King Delivery

It is every fast food lover’s dream for their favourite fast food takeaway to offer a delivery service. It has now been announced that Burger King are trialling a delivery service called Burger King Delivers where customers can order their favourite meal from their website and have it delivered to their home or workplace.

“If only they delivered!”

As easy as it is to go to your favourite fast food takeaway and go through the “Drive Thru” to order your favourite meal whilst on your way back from a busy day at work, but there are times where this can still be quite time consuming especially when everyone else coming back from work has the same idea. We have all thought to ourselves “If only they delivered!”. Now Burger King has listened to their customers and has started their own delivery service, this may be the start of competitors KFC and McDonalds to start thinking about doing the same thing.

Fast food delivery isn’t a new service as many independent takeaways offer their own delivery service as well as the well known chains Dominoes and Pizza Hut delivering pizzas to customers. However for places such as Burger King, KFC and McDonalds it has always been a worry that the food could go cold very quickly as it is cooked to eat straight away, hence it being fast food. Burger King must be confident enough that they can keep the food warm to deliver to satisfied customers.

Burger King Delivers in Northampton

Burger King Delivers

Burger King Delivers is currently being trialled in a number of towns and cities across the country. The selected towns and cities are as follows:

  • Gants Hill
  • Hayes
  • Hull
  • Hornchurch
  • Northampton
  • Romford
  • Skegness
  • Truro

As you can see, Northampton has been selected as one of the towns that Burger King Delivers is being trialled in, so at Smart Restaurants we should be the first to know whether it has been a success or not. There are limitations however, that Burger King Delivers is only delivering to certain postcodes within the selected towns or cities, so those that aren’t included will miss out for the time being until the Burger King Delivers trial is over and, if successful, it is rolled out across the country as a fast food delivery service.

Healthy Fast Food Competition

Burger King Delivers will have competition with other online Takeaway ordering companies such as Just Eat and Hungry House, similar to the online ordering system Smart Restaurants offer to Restaurants and Takeaways across the world. However they will not have to worry as customers will order from Burger King Delivers if they specifically want a Burger King meal. Just Eat and Hungry House are both directories showing takeaways in your local area that are available to deliver to you. They will also charge commission to the particular  takeaway that you choose to order from, this being a charge that they wouldn’t have to pay if you ordered directly from the takeaway or used their own App.

Burger King Delivers Northampton

Click here to view the Burger King Delivers website and check to see if your town is being trialled for the Burger King Delivers service and add your postcode to the search box provided. Enjoy!