The Meat Free Campaign

If everyone was to give up meat for just one day of the week there would be many benefits. This is why the meat free Monday campaign encourages everyone to go meat free for just one day of the week and in return there are many health benefits as well as benefits to the animals and the planet.

Over the past few weeks we have explored different ways to go meat free and had a look at the various different meals you can eat to have a meat free day. We have looked at stuffed vegetables, pasta meals, rice meals and this week we are looking at the various pizza’s you can eat which are completely meat free.



For meat free Monday this week we have looked at all the different meat free toppings you can have on a pizza. Pizza is a very tasty and filling meal. Pizza originated in Italy back in 1889, with one of the first ever pizza’s being a Margherita Pizza, named after Queen Margherita. A basic pizza will always include the ingredients of a margherita pizza; a round flatbread base, tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and a touch of basil. With pizza’s you can make them unique and use your favourite ingredients to make up your own pizza.

Many restaurants and takeaways serve pizza on their menu and they will usually offer two meat free pizza’s; a simple margherita and a vegetarian pizza, which contains lots of different vegetables. In many restaurants and takeaways you can always ask for a margherita pizza with your favourite topping/s and this will usually be okay, it just may incur a charge for the extra toppings that you decide to have. Some restaurants and takeaways do offer a “create your own pizza” where you choose your pizza base and then add the toppings which you would like.

Pizza is now very popular across the world and wherever you go you will always find that the pizza’s will differ in someway or another. Pizza’s can vary by the thickness of the base, some may be deep pan, whereas others can have a very thin base. Then there is the matter of the toppings, a pizza can have any toppings on it, depending on what each individual likes to have. Some pizza’s can be made differently such as by being made using a slice of baguette or turning bread rolls into mini pizza’s. As long as it still has a tomato purée sauce and cheese, it is still a pizza.


Margherita Pizza


A margherita pizza is a very simple and tasty pizza to have. A margherita pizza is simply a pizza base, a tomato purée sauce, mozzarella and basil. Some restaurants serve a margherita pizza with freshly sliced tomatoes on top to make the pizza even tastier. A marherita pizza is also a good pizza to choose to then add toppings to which you can do in many restaurants and takeaways. You can also buy a margherita pizza in many supermarkets and then add your own toppings at home, or just keep it simple with the nice tastes of the cheese and tomato flavours.

Mushroom Pizza


A mushroom pizza can be very tasty and for those who still like a meat substance for meat free Monday, some mushrooms can be quite tender and meat like, however they are completely meat free. There are so many mushroom varieties that you can buy, you can make your mushroom pizza extemily tasty by adding lots of different mushrooms on top such as sliced chestnut mushrooms and large Portobello mushrooms.

Florentine Pizza


A Florentine pizza is a unique pizza that it made up with the following ingredients; spinach, egg, garlic, olives, mozzarella and parmesan shavings. This is pizza is for those with an acquired taste, as some people don’t like the idea of having an egg on a pizza, but those who like this pizza thoroughly enjoy it. Different restaurants and takeaways will serve this pizza differently. Some places will cooked the egg mixed in with the rest of the toppings so it creates an omelette-like texture, whilst others will have the egg in the centre cooked just right so that the yolk of the egg is still runny when cut into.

Vegetable Pizza


A vegetable pizza can be a very tasty and filling meal. Whether you like to make your own pizza, buy one from a takeaway or enjoy one at a restaurant, every vegetable pizza will be different as different places will use different vegetable toppings. The vegetables that you like to enjoy on your pizza can be entirely up to you, whether you like peppers, mushrooms and onions or a whole variety of vegetables, the decision is all yours.

Spinach, Mushroom and Garlic Pizza.


Spinach, mushroom and garlic are toppings that all go very well together. For those of you that like the idea of a Florentine pizza, but are not too sure about the egg, then how about you try this pizza instead. Spinach is very good for you so you can feel like you are being healthy whilst enjoying a very tasty meal.


These are just a few ideas for meat free pizza’s to eat on meat free Monday, there are many more that you can make or just invent your own meat free pizza with many meat free ingredients. For those who like cheese go for an all cheese pizza and try lots of different cheeses such as mozzarella, cheddar, red Leicester and goats cheese, the options are endless. Or for a personal but simple pizza, go for a margherita pizza and add your favourite toppings for example mushrooms, tomatoes and olives.