The Smart Restaurants App

The Smart Restaurants App is an App designed specifically for restaurants and takeaways. The App is perfect for all restaurants and takeaways that wish to make that step forward into the modern world and keep up to date with the latest technology. You no longer have to hand out menus to your customers, you can now just ask them to download your unique App via the iTunes Store or Google Play Store. Your restaurant or takeaway App can show your menu and give your customers the option of ordering their meal from the App. When a customer orders from your App, the order will come through a printer with exactly what the customer wants, a time that they want it for, whether they want to collect it or have it delivered and the print out will also say whether the customer has already paid, which they can also do using the App.

The Benefits

The Smart Restaurants App can be a benefit to all restaurants, takeaway and fast food outlets, from franchises and chains to smaller independent restaurants and takeaways. The ordering system is easy for your customers to use. It saves them having to phone up to order their food and it also saves them having to queue up to order their meal.

Having your very own app keeps you up to date as a business. Most people now own a smart phone, so downloading the App to your favourite restaurant or takeaway is something most people would do. The App will create customer loyalty by more and more choosing to use the App. Customers can be sent special offers, exclusive to those that use the App, through push notifications.

Social Media

Social media is currently one of the most popular forms of marketing for various businesses. Social media is free, quick and easy to use. Businesses can take advantage of social media by advertising products on their social media sites, promoting new products and offering special offers and discounts. The more “likes” and “followers” your social media page has, the better it is for you. As soon as you post a comment or a photo it is seen by all of those people that “like” or “follow” you, which they can then share on their page to their friends or followers.

Social media is integrated into the Smart Restaurants App so that all of your customers that download and use your App can share their experiences on social media. If a customer enjoys their meal then they can “like” certain items of food which will then show up on their social media page as well as yours. This is a good way of marketing the food that you provide. When a customers “likes” an item of food it is automatically put into their “favourites” section on the App, so that when they order a meal again they can just go to the favourites instead of looking through the whole menu again.

There are various different social networking sites from Pinterest which is all about creating picture boards to Twitter which is great for sharing information through “Tweets”, as well as passing information on through “Retweets”.



Pinterest is a great social networking site for restaurants and takeaways. In this social world, people enjoy taking pictures and sending them to friends and family or post them onto one of their social media accounts. Pinterest lets you upload pictures to make different picture boards up. You can also share other users pictures by “Pinning” a picture onto another one of your picture boards which can then be seen by your friends and followers.

Pinterest is perfect for restaurants and takeaways as customers can take pictures of the food which they have received from your takeaway or restaurant and then upload then onto a Pinterest picture board. This then markets your restaurant or takeaway and also promotes the food that you provide.


Facebook is more of a personal social networking site, in which people share daily photo’s and information. Businesses use Facebook due to its popularity amongst various audiences. On Facebook businesses can write up to date information about their business and can advertise products as well as offer special discounts and promotions. On Facebook you can “Like” information as well as “Share” it. Twitter has a limit on the number of words you can use when posting a comment, however Facebook does not have this, therefore businesses can write more.


Twitter has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Twitter is a great form of social media to have in any business. Twitter is a social media site where you can Tweet, Retweet and Favourite different comments and pictures. Twitter is so well used that if you go away for five minutes, you will come back to see hundreds of new Tweets to read. Twitter is good for businesses as you can Tweet information, which could be about new products or special offers, and have this information Retweeted by other users and followers so it can be widely seen.


Google+ is similar to Facebook and Twitter is that you can post comments and photos. You can also share what other users have been saying or can “+” it which is like a “Like” on Facebook or a “Favourite” on Twitter. Google+ is still quite a new social media site which is not as widely used as other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

The modern day world is all about Apps and social media, so get yourself up to date and have your very own Smart Restaurants App linked to all of your social networking sites.