Traditional Pancake Ingredients – Makes 12 Pancakes

2 Large Eggs
300ml Semi-Skimmed Milk
100g Plain Flour
1tbsp Melted Butter

We are so excited for Pancake Day at Smart Restaurants. As a team we have discussed what type of pancake we will be choosing to eat tonight, for some it is the traditional crêpe style pancake with lemon juice and sugar, for others it is American style pancakes with maple syrup. Use our latest guide to give yourself some ideas for the type of pancake you are going to choose to eat tonight. If you make up a pancake batter using the above ingredients then you can choose to use some of the batter to make some savoury pancakes for your dinner and then use the rest of the mixture to have some sweet pancakes for afterwards. Pancake Day is a great excuse to have some family fun, make and eat as many pancakes as you like.

Savoury Pancakes

For those that don’t have much of a sweet tooth may prefer a savoury pancake. There are many choices for savoury pancakes. Take your pick of one of the pancakes below:

Full English Pancake

A Full English isn’t just for Breakfast, it can be eaten at any time of the day. Why not cook yourself one for tonight and add some American style pancakes coated in golden syrup.


Cheese, Mushroom and Ham

Cheese, mushroom and ham are ingredients that all work well together, so why not cook them up together and place them into a nice warm pancake for your dinner tonight.


Salmon and Cream Cheese

For a light and healthy savoury pancake choose salmon and cream cheese, sandwiched between mini pancakes.


Sweet Pancakes

Many will be opting for the sweet pancake on Pancake Day. Whether you are a chocolate fan or just want a simple lemon and sugar coated pancake you can easily satisfy your sweet toothed cravings:

Lemon and Sugar

If you are choosing one type of pancake on Pancake Day it has to be the traditional pancakes soaked in lemon juice with a sprinkling of sugar. A classic pancake which you can enjoy all day long.


Chocolate Pancakes

For all chocolate lovers, it has to be a chocolate themed pancake on Pancake Day. The choice is endless; from chocolate chip american style pancakes to traditional pancakes laced in chocolate sauce with fresh cherries or strawberries. For Nutella lovers it has to be a pancake with a big dollop of Nutella placed inside the pancake. Add this whilst the pancake is still cooking so that the Nutella melts nicely.


American Pancakes

Some prefer the taste and texture of an American Pancake. They are thicker and slightly more filling. Serve stacked and drizzled with some golden syrup or your favourite sauce.