Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching so many of us will be celebrating this weekend, by going out to a restaurant for a meal or maybe even turning the three meals a day into romantic meals filled with hearts as a special Valentine’s treat. Make Valentine’s Day even more romantic by making every meal heart shaped and surprise your loved one.

At Smart Restaurants we have prepared a guide on how to use this weekend to plan your special day filled with Valentine’s Day treats. Get prepared by purchasing heart shaped cutters and baking tins as well as other items such as a heart shaped toast rack for your heart shaped toast. These can be found in many local supermarkets and cookery stores.

Valentine’s Day Breakfast


There are many ways of making a simple breakfast meal more romantic. If you don’t have much time in the morning then just a simple breakfast in bed with a single red rose is perfectly romantic. If you are lucky enough to have a bit more time on your hands, or set your alarm that bit earlier then you can make american style pancakes, which you can cut out with heart shaped cutters, then stack them up using the picture above as a guide. Use your partners favourite topping on it to make it more personalised such as syrup or chocolate sauce and some fresh strawberries. Another option you have for a romantic breakfast is heart shaped toast, again this can be done using heart shaped cutters. You can still use both bits of toast, the cut out shape will leave a heart shaped piece of toast, which you can put some strawberry or raspberry jam on to make a red heart, then the rest of the toast will still have a heart shape in the centre of it and can be served with butter, along with the heart shaped piece of toast which could have jam on.

Valentine’s Day Lunch


Making the most out of the heart shaped cutters you may of purchased, use these for the perfect Valentine’s lunch. If you can make sure that you purchase larger shaped cutters so that you do not waste too much bread. Use your partners favourite filling within the heart shaped sandwich such as heart shaped cheese, ham and tomato. If this lunch is going to be taken to work then place some other heart shaped treats within the lunch box, such as heart shaped chocolates and cookies and maybe some strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Valentine’s Day Dinner


Share a romantic bowl of spaghetti with either a Neapolitan or Bolognese sauce and recreate that Lady and the Tramp moment. You may be able to find heart shaped pasta which you can find in places such as cookery shops and independent food stores. Using the picture above as inspiration you can shape the sauce into a shape of a heart and top it with some fresh basil or parsley.


Carrying on with the Italian Valentine’s theme, how about a heart shaped pizza. You can either make up a pizza from scratch or if you purchase a ready made large margherita pizza then you can cut this into a heart shape and then top the pizza with yours and your partners favourite toppings – bellissimo! Don’t waste the pizza leftover pizza from cutting out the heart shape. Cut this into small margherita pizza pieces which you can always add a bit of extra mozzarella cheese on and serve as starter or a side dish.

Desserts and After Dinner Treats


Finish off the day with some Valentine’s themed desserts and after dinner treats. If you are feeling rather full up after dinner then a simple dessert could be champagne and strawberries sprinkled with sugar or a drizzle of chocolate sauce. A simple and romantic dessert which you can both share. You will also find many supermarkets offering heart shaped cakes you can have as a sweet treat.

Make Valentine’s Day all heart themed if you can and make your loved one happy with this simple but romantic day.