The first Brazilian World Cup game for England starts on Saturday 14th June at 11pm. This is the start of the contest for our home team and many will be supporting the team around the country. Many people have already decorated their homes with England flags as well as having England flags on their cars. You will also find that many pubs will also be showing their support with England flags and bunting across the pub building.

Celebrate at the Pub

If you want a night of pub food and a few drinks, head straight to your local pub to watch the game with lots of other England fans. This is the perfect place to be to celebrate with other England fans in your local area. As the game is on at a later time you can always eat before hand and just purchase a few drinks and snacks at the pub. Or you can get to the pub at around 8.30pm and spend some time enjoying your pub meal, then just as you finish the game should be about to begin.

Order in a Takeaway


If after the long week at work, you feel like you want to just stay in then why not. Order in your favourite takeaway straight to your door, and if your local takeaway has the Smart Restaurants App then order straight from your phone to get it delivered to your house. Having a takeaway at home means you can watch the first England World Cup match with your friends, your family or just simply by yourself in the comfort of your own home.

Whatever you decide to do, make sure you show your support of your country and watch the first England game of the 2014 World Cup. It’s the weekend so relax and get into the World Cup spirit.