Each day Smart Restaurants has been releasing a blog for National Vegetarian Week. To end the week we have put together a few vegetarian takeaway dishes which you can enjoy over the weekend to carry on your meat free week.

Vegetarian Takeaway

Although choice may be limited, if you go to the right places you will find that there are some local takeaway and fast food outlets that do have a variety of vegetarian dishes for you to choose from. We have picked out the most popular types of takeaway and given a few sample meals that you can purchase from your local takeaway so you can enjoy a vegetarian takeaway this weekend for National Vegetarian Week.


More fast food outlets are opening up selling a variety of food in one place, from pizza’s to kebabs. Some vegetarians may choose a pizza over a kebab, knowing they can have vegetarian toppings on it, however there are places that will sell vegetarian kebabs. Some places will sell vegetable kebabs inside pita bread. Other places may have pieces of tofu to add to the vegetables to make a vegetarian kebab.




At many Indian takeaways and restaurants there are a variety of vegetarian dishes to choose from. Vegetarian’s can choose from dishes such as mushroom or vegetable pilau, a vegetable korma, then on the side there are various breads that vegetarians can eat as well as various flavoured bhaji’s such as an onion bhaji.



There are lots of Chinese dishes which are suitable for vegetarians to eat. There are Chinese dishes such as mushroom fried rice, mushroom chow mein or a mixed vegetable chow mein. Then there are extra’s that vegetarians can have on the side such as stir fried mushrooms, mixed vegetables, onions and beansprouts as well as sweet and sour mixed vegetables. Other dishes lots of Chinese takeaways do are omelettes which vegetarians can have a choice of fillings.

Burger and Chips


Many fish and chip shops or kebab shops will sell vegetarian burgers with a portion of chips. The vegetarian burgers can vary depending on where you go. Some places may sell vegetable burgers, made up of a mixture of vegetables, whereas other places may sell soya burgers or bean burgers. Other fast food outlets, such as McDonald’s, sell vegetable wraps which are also nice to have as a vegetarian takeaway.


Pizza’s are a great takeaway choice to have as a vegetarian as there are many options to choose from. Most pizza takeaways will have a vegetarian option on their menu which usually contains a variety of vegetables on top. They also sell the simple margherita pizza which is simply cheese and tomato. Many places also sell a Florentina pizza which is vegetarian. The other thing you can do is make your own pizza up with your very own choice of ingredients, such as mushrooms and mixed peppers.


If you have done well and succeeded in having a meat free week, then don’t let the weekend spoil it. Enjoy a nice vegetarian takeaway for a change, there is plenty of choice out there. How about a nice vegetable pizza or maybe a mushroom chow mein. Whatever the decision make sure it is enjoyed!