Tipsy Robots

Grab a cocktail shaker and mix together the ingredients of Rino Armeni and Francesco Lafranconi and you get the Tipsy Robot Cocktail. The world’s first robotic bartenders are becoming a popular attraction in a Las Vegas bar called the the Tipsy Robot. The Tipsy Robot has two robotic arms that will make any drink that the customer requests both alcoholic and non alcoholic. Watch the robotic arms mix and shake up delicious cocktails and any other drink whilst dancing to the music and lights in the buzzing bar.

The App & Ordering Process

The App is root of the Tipsy Robot Bar. Customers can login and create user profiles through the App. Within the App customers can view the Tipsy Robot menu of drinks. They can amend recipes by removing and adding ingredients, they can add garnishes or even create their own drink which they can name and save for future ordering.

The bar is filled with a number of tablets where the customer can order from or the customer can order through the Tipsy Robot App on their phone. This order is then sent to the robot as a barcode for them make the correct drink. Once the drink has been made the customer is alerted by either an email or a push notification via the App.

At the bar are a number of futuristic screens where customers can see what drink is being created and view the list of drinks that are in a queue to be made. There is also an estimated waiting time so customers know when to expect their drink to be ready for.

Going Social

Customers can then share their one-off experience either inside the App or by popular social media platforms. Customers can take pictures inside the Instagram photo booth located within the bar and can choose a number of backgrounds, making a night out drinking that bit more memorable.


The Tipsy Robot bar is located along the popular Las Vegas Strip, close to the Planet Hollywood Resort and across from the Bellagio. For Las Vegas tourists this is yet another place they have to visit whilst staying in Las Vegas.

The Future of Bars

The Tipsy Robot shows that robots could be the future for the food and drink industry, but at the moment they are still managed by humans and to invest in something like the robotic arms in the Tipsy Robot can be a huge investment and risk.