Are you a takeaway which still has menus printed each month to then post them through peoples letter boxes? If so then it is time to become up to date. Apps and the internet are the way forward. As everything is now online you will find that often menus that come through the door will tend to go straight into the bin or the paper recycling which can become a waste of money for you as a takeaway business.

Takeaway App

Apps are the way forward with technology and smart phones. If you look around you almost everyone has a smart phone in there hand. Smart phones are used by everyone on a daily basis for both work and personal life so it is only natural that they next step forward is that people start using there smart phones to order a takeaway. Of course you can do it the old fashioned way by actually phoning the takeaway up, but that is a very rare thing to do in today’s technological world.

Takeaway Website

When searching for takeaways customers will mostly start by looking on Google or other search engines. They may have an idea of the takeaway that they want however they may of forgotten the name of the takeaway or may want to try somewhere different.

At Smart Restaurants we offer packages so that you can have a website developed to go with your App. This way your takeaway can be found online. We can also provide an online ordering system so that customers are also able to order through your website. You can also advertise your App through your website to make it easier for customers to order the next time. You can also offer incentives to customers, such as £5 off your order when you download our App, to entice customers to download your App.

Social Media Business Page

Almost everyone uses social media today, for work and for personal life. Social media is used on a daily basis so that people can stay connected and can keep up to date with each other. People like to share what they are up to on social media for example someone might post that they are eating a pizza from Pizza Hut with several friends and this will then get shared to Pizza Hut as well as that persons friends.

We advise all of our clients to get onto social media and become socially active. Social media is a free marketing tool for all kinds of businesses all over the world. Promoting your takeaway through social media can be a great way to market yourself as customers will start sharing your posts and may also post pictures up of your food. You can also advertise your website and your App through social media, along with your menu and any special offers you have that week.

It is important to make sure that you always open a business page for your social media accounts such as a Facebook Business Page. This way your takeaway can be “Liked” or “Followed” as a business.

Customer Loyalty

The Smart Restaurants App is the perfect App for both restaurants and takeaways. Get your customers to download your App by explaining to them about the loyalty system, this is where your customers will receive points every time they order through your App. After so long your customers will be able to redeem their points on items of food or with a discount from their total bill.

With any business it is always about the customer and finding a way to keep them happy. If you provide your customers with a good customer experience then they will always choose you over your competitors in the future.