Chris Ramsey – #PizzaOnATrain

Back in 2014, comedian Chris Ramsey became an internet sensation by ordering a pizza on a train by sending a Tweet to Domino’s Pizza to request a pizza to be delivered to the East Coast train that he was currently a passenger on travelling from London King Cross to Newcastle. This caused a huge social media hype where Chris Ramsey’s @IAmChrisRamsey followers reacted to this pizza challenge and soon #PizzaOnATrain became a trending topic worldwide on Twitter. Domino’s successfully delivered the pizza to Chris Ramsey at one of the stops at Doncaster station and Domino’s even gave several extra pizzas for staff and a few lucky passengers on the same train.

DJ Artwork – #getartworkapizza

2 year’s later we now have a similar story hitting the news headlines of DJ Artwork who decided to give Domino’s yet another pizza challenge, after the DJ got on a train for his 5 hour journey from Glasgow to Sheffield at the weekend. Without fail, Domino’s managed to successfully deliver DJ Artwork’s pizza to Darlington train station, with Domino’s staff waiting at the platform ready to quickly deliver the pizza through the train doors. Again this created excitement over social media with followers tweeting #getartworkapizza for @artworkmagnetic. DJ Artwork’s video has been shared over the internet and has received thousands of views from fans.

Domino’s Successful Pizza Delivery

As this may of started a pizza ordering trend, just 24 hours later Domino’s rose to the pizza challenge again and managed to deliver a pizza to another train which had stopped at Kettering Station in Northamptonshire.

No doubt we will see more hungry train passengers giving Domino’s and other takeaway companies the challenge of delivering a pizza to them on a train.