Smart Restaurants look into the impact of technology on modern culture and why it is important you have a mobile app for your restaurant or takeaway. Just like more and more people have smart phones the more and more businesses like yours will have restaurant or takeaway smart phone apps.

Several years ago the thought of having a touch-screen phone, reading a book on a kindle and being able to talk to someone across the world at the touch of a button seemed so surreal and so futuristic. But here we are in a world filled with new technology and its just forever growing.

If you look around your restaurant or takeaway, most people are engaged in their own digital world, whether it be updating a status on Facebook, Tweeting about something new on Twitter, uploading photos on Instagram, chatting to someone in America using Skype or just simply shopping online. Whatever the reason there is always something to do on a smart phone, tablet or kindle. Gone were the days where a mobile phone was just for making phone calls or sending a text.

Future Proof your Restaurant or Takeaway with a mobile app!

There is now news of children being given iPads to use at school as it gives them better exam grades and they learn more. It also helps parents interact more with children as they can “share” work with their parents to look at. Maybe in the long run it could be beneficial as teachers could always get the children to send the work that they have written down in that class and they know that they are where they are suppose to be in learning. Homework could be done more interactively and friends can discuss the work that they need to do all on the same device. If Children are groaning up with this technology then you will need to future proof your restaurant or takeaway business as they will not want to order from a paper menu!

Not long in the distant future there will be new technology everywhere and the worrying factor is will this take away any human interaction? People already message each other on Facebook when they are close enough to talk to in the first place. There used to be a time where children had to wait until they were old enough to have a mobile phone, but now on every child’s Christmas or birthday list is the latest iPhone or iPad or other similar devices and the age of the child is getting far younger.

There are good points and bad points to new technology. Evidently a world where everything is modern and up to date as it can be is a good thing, but are some new technologies just overstepping the mark? And if you have all your books and music on one device instead of the physical paper book or CD will this destroy businesses in the market for those things? We are already seeing the cut off staff in local supermarkets where they would like everyone to use the self-service machines but what about the people that still want to be served at a till and actually talk to someone. But on the other hand people do like this new world of technology and prefer not to interact so much with others so it’s hard to say. The ideal world would be to have the new technology but not change the world that people of a certain way in kind are used to living in as some may find it difficult to adapt.

Business are becoming more digital

With the cut in supermarket staff it makes you think; will our modern day workers suffer from the age of new technology and will there be more staff made redundant due to the fact that businesses could get on without them. But then again new technology must always be a good thing and in some respects it opens new doors to new job roles in certain businesses, which we thought would never exist. When social media came along, it led to be a great marketing tool, so we are now seeing businesses hire staff to keep on top of all the social media side of things. Social media can help market businesses by sharing the latest news; with fashion it could be sharing the latest fashion trends for the spring/summer or the autumn/winter. Then with takeaways and restaurants they can offer promotions and offers on social media and only those using that social media site will see these promotions or maybe if they have a new menu then they could “share” it on social media first.

What the future holds with technology is always a guessing game. What’s next is the question on everybody’s mind. Everyone is on the lookout for the next iPhone or smart phone and eager to find out what it has on it that’s different to the last one. All in all the futures bright and what’s ahead is always an exciting thought.