National BBQ week is a way to celebrate the summer that will soon be here. Unfortunately Britain is rather unpredictable when it comes to the weather so we can only hope for the sunshine and the warmer weather. The weekend may surprise us with some pre-summer heat and this will be a great excuse to get the BBQ heated up and make some of your favourite BBQ food!

If the weather does take a turn for the worse, then you can always go to a takeaway or restaurant which provides barbecued food. Such places are Turkish restaurants and kebab takeaways. Come rain or shine, whether you are able to cook at home or by from a takeaway or restaurant, we will list some popular foods which you can enjoy for National BBQ Week.



Burgers are popular to have on BBQ’s. There are many different varieties of burgers that you can enjoy, depending on the person eating them. You can have beef burgers, chicken burgers and vegetarian burgers so that vegetarians can still enjoy a BBQ.



Kebabs are great to have on the BBQ and can be made however you like them, with whatever you like. Chopped up pieces of meat are traditionally used such as chicken, beef or pork and this is mixed with a variety of vegetables such as mushrooms, peppers, onions and tomatoes.



Sweetcorn is a popular side dish to have at a BBQ which can then be  smothered in butter. If you are not a fan of having salad on the side with your barbecued food then you always have some vegetable rice and some sweetcorn. Sweetcorn is also a good dish for vegetarians to enjoy at a BBQ.



Sausages are another popular type of meat to BBQ. They are easy to cook, you can fit lots onto a BBQ and they are good to share around. You can buy sausages in lots of different flavours such as apple and pork, spicy sausages or cumberland sausages.



There are lots of different types of vegetarian food which you can put onto a BBQ. If you are having a BBQ which is being cooked with meat as well then you can always buy a disposable BBQ to cook your vegetarian food or just simply cook them on a separate BBQ. There is a great meat free range now in many different supermarkets which sell burgers and sausages. You can also make some tasty vegetable kebabs out of a range of different vegetables.

We hope that the weather brightens up for the weekend so that you can enjoy National BBQ Week, however if it doesn’t make sure that you head to your nearest takeaway or restaurant so you can still enjoy the tastes of some barbecued food.