2016 is the year for restaurant and takeaway mobile applications. At Smart Restaurants we have already noticed a difference to 2015 with restaurants and takeaways enquiring and signing up for a Smart Restaurants app.

Not so long ago we used to have to order our takeaway over the phone which resulted in orders going wrong and meant orders would take a long time to process. Apps are a great way for your customers to place orders at ease with benefits to both the customer and the takeaway. The Smart Restaurants app lets customers download the app to their favourite restaurant or takeaway and within minutes they can place an order for their favourite meal.

1. In-App Ordering

Some restaurants and takeaways will have an app so that customers can view the menu in advance to ordering. Let your customers view your menu and order using your very own app. This will save time for both the customer and you as a restaurant or takeaway business. The ordering process is extremely easy to use. The customer chooses what they want and goes through to a checkout as they would if they were shopping online. This order is then sent to your restaurant or takeaway and can either be received through a printer or through our recently developed Smart Ordering App which can then be viewed on a smartphone or a tablet.

2. Repeat Orders

Once your customer signs up to your app, orders that they make will be stored into the app. For those that like to order their favourite meal will find this feature useful as they will just need to press the reorder button to place that same order. This again saves time for the customer making it easy to order a meal from their favourite restaurant or takeaway.


3. Mobile App Payments

Let your customers pay for their meal in advance with the mobile app feature we provide in all of the Smart Restaurants apps which we develop. This will save time for both you as a business and the customer meaning for a takeaway meal the customer can place an order, pay and then collect or have it delivered within a certain amount of time without having to get the correct amount of cash together or pay by card and wait in a queue of customers.

4. Customer Loyalty System

Most customer loyalty systems are successful in that the rewards the customers are given will keep the customer loyal to you. Each Smart Restaurants app is developed with a customer loyalty system meaning that each time a customer orders they will receive points. As with all loyalty systems, points equal prizes. As a restaurant or takeaway you can access your unique admin system to create the rewards which your customers will receive such as 100 points could amount to a free portion of fries.

5. Push Notifications

Push notifications are an important feature to have for your restaurant or takeaway app. When a customer places an order they will receive a push notification with their order number. They will be sent another push notification when their order is ready to collect or out for delivery. Push notifications can also be sent out as subtle reminders to your loyal customers to entice them into placing an order with you.


6. Special Offers

Special offers can be sent out to your customers through push notifications. Special offers help entice your customers into placing an order as they feel that they are getting a good deal and may not want to miss out on that order. As a restaurant or takeaway owner you can decide what your special offers will be and are able to send these notifications out through the admin system which is supplied to you in the Smart Restaurants Package.

7. Location Services

Location services are a must have feature for any mobile app. If you have more than one restaurant or takeaway within your Smart Restaurants app then the location services will let your customer know which outlet is closest to their location to order from. Location services also means that your customers will find it easy to find your restaurant or takeaway using GPS, without having to come out of the app to look at their maps

8. Social Media Integration

We are in a world of “Sharing”. We like to share everything that we do with our friends, family and followers. All Smart Restaurants apps come with social media integration meaning that your customers can share a post to say that they have just order from your restaurant or takeaway. This can benefit you as you will receive free marketing from your customers. Many customers like to take photos of their food an post these out socially via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


9. Booking System

In today’s world filled with technology, less people like to pick up the phone to talk to each other. We find it easier to make social media posts or send text messages. With the Smart Restaurants app customers can book and reserve a table through the app, choosing an available time and providing details of how many people it is for along with their name and a phone number.

10. Gallery

We all like to research somewhere before we try a new restaurant or takeaway, this can be through customer reviews or through images so we can visualise what the food and the establishment looks like. The Smart Restaurant app allows you to have a gallery. This means that you can add photos of your restaurant or takeaway, you can include pictures of the food along with customers eating in your restaurant or takeaway showing the ambiance of your restaurant or takeaway. This can be a great way to invite customers to your business.

If you would be interested in an app for your restaurant or takeaway then feel free to get in contact today where we can talk you through the development process and work with you to decide whether a basic or a bespoke package would work best for you and your business.