Project Description

Gourmet Grill & Bistro App

Based in Stockport Gourmet Grill & Bistro offer a wide range of Gourmet Takeaway. We have developed an app which displays photographs of each item on their menu with easy to navigate ordering functionality.

Bespoke Design & Branding

Not only did Gourmet Grill & Bistro want a new app, they wanted to have a complete rebrand. The Smart Restaurant design team developed the new Gourmet Grill Maskot in the form of a Sausage Dog wearing a Chefs hat, along with the New York inspired colour pallette, which included new interior decor to the takeaway outlet with matching New York themed walls.


Web Design with Online Ordering


Food Photography

As a complete packaged we photographed each individual item of food on the Gourmet Grill & Bistro menu for the app to view each item of food and printed menu. Artist shots of the food can be found in the in app gallery.