Project Description

Enochs Fish & Chips App

Enochs based in North Wales have taken their heritage and experience and added our own expression to create fish & chips since 2006. Danny got intouch with Smart Restaurants to develop a soulution for customers who were currently phoning for their order. Traditionally a customer would phone and be given a time for example 15 mins. The food would be prepared and if the customer was 5-10 minutes late the food would go soggy due to the nature of fish and chips.

The Solution

We developed a tablet based app for the kitchen staff and customers to use. Once a customer places an order this is sent to the POS who accept the order. The customer is then sent a unique code. When they enter the Takeaway they enter the code into an iPad which then sends the order through to the kitchen to prepare packaging the meal so when the customer is given the order at the counter it is as Fresh as it can be.


The order is recieved by Enochs and is confirmed, this then sends the user a unique code to input on arrival.

Collecting Your Order

Once the customer has entered their unique code the order is prepared & packaged.

Customer Loyalty

Customer Loyalty and brand recognition is very important to Enochs, and that is why they reward their customers with Merchandise such as their unique T-Shirt collection & Organic Cotton resusable bags. As well as offering merchandise customers are also rewarded with Free meals with the points collected when buying their Fish & Chips.