Over the past couple of months, we have come up with various suggestions for meals you could eat to successfully have a meat free Monday. We are doing this to support the Meat Free Monday Campaign and hope our readers will also support the campaign, by following a few of our suggestions. This week we are keeping things simple!  After all it is a Monday so you may not want a big meal to cook when you get home. This week we thought egg and soldiers was the perfect meal to make to have a meat free monday and we have also had a brief look at what other meals you can make out of eggs.

Egg and Soldiers


Egg and soldiers makes the most simple, easy and tasty meal for meat free Monday.  This meal is also low in calories, so is also a good meal if you are on that diet for your soon approaching holiday. Egg and soldiers consists of two soft boiled eggs and two slices of buttered toast cut into narrow slices, also known as soldiers or fingers.

To make the most perfectly runny eggs, put some water into a saucepan and sprinkle a little salt into the water, as this should stop the eggs from cracking. Once the water starts to boil, carefully place your eggs into the water with a spoon, one at a time. Once your eggs are in the pan, set your timer for 3-4 minutes. If you want really runny eggs then 3 minutes is enough time and also gives you enough time to toast your bread, butter it and slice it up. Once you have placed your eggs into the egg cups and served the toast, your dinner is ready to enjoy. Carefully slice the top of the eggs off and your eggs are ready to dip into nice runny yolks.

Other Egg Meals to Cook

Eggs are very versatile which can be used to make many different meals. We have had a brief look at other meals you can make from eggs.

Scrambled Eggs


Scrambled eggs are great to have with toast or served as part of a vegetarian English breakfast, along with mushrooms, tomatoes, hash browns and vegetarian sausages. Simply beat your eggs in a mixing bowl, let some butter melt in a saucepan and then pour your beaten eggs into the pan and stir until they are ready.

Poached Eggs


Poached eggs are simple to make by boiling water and breaking open your egg into the boiling water. If you like your eggs to be runny then 2 minutes should be enough time. Once cooked to your satisfaction, serve on some toast and enjoy.

Fried Eggs


Fried eggs are very simply to make. Simply fry your eggs in some oil until they are cooked and serve on some toast. Cut into them and let the yolk run into your toast, making it extra tasty.



Omelettes are very easy to make and can be quite filling as a meal. You can have omelettes plain or you can add a filling. A few suggestions for meat free fillings are; mushrooms, tomatoes, cheese or cheese and tomato.

Enjoy another meat free Monday and see if you can make it a meat free week by looking at our previous meat free Monday blogs, for some great meat free meal ideas.