Boo! Another year has passed and yet again Halloween is quickly approaching. Each year Smart Restaurants enjoy looking at fun ways of bringing food and Halloween together by giving Smart ideas of various Halloween themed food. This is great for parties or to give friends and family a Halloween themed meal over the Halloween weekend.

This year we have focused on Halloween pizzas. So much fun can be had turning simple pizzas into spooky scenes or scary faces. The best pizza to use is a margherita pizza or make up a pizza from scratch. Use black olives to make up scary spiders and Halloween shaped cookie cutters to shape pieces of cheese into scary ghosts and bats.

Before cooking your pizza you can shape your pizza dough into various shapes such as pumpkins. Again you can always use cookie cutters to cut your pizza into various Halloween shapes.

Halloween Mini Pizzas

Mini pizzas are great fun for Halloween parties and you can use all different toppings to turn them into different Halloween themed scenes. Use olives to make up spiders, cookie cutters to shape your cheese and then pepperoni to make up the mouths for scary monster or mummy faces.



Halloween Ghost Pizzas

Halloween ghosts are so easy and fun to make up. Use a simple tomato base and then use mozzarella to make up various ghost shapes. Use black olives to make up the facial features of each ghost.



Halloween Pumpkin Pizza

Shape your dough into this easy Halloween pumpkin pizza. Add a simple tomato base and cheese and then use ingredients such as olives and ham for the facial features. You can make your pumpkin as friendly or scary as you like.


Halloween Spider Web Pizza

A spider web pizza is an easy pizza to make for Halloween. Add a tomato base to your pizza dough, then using thin strips of cheese make up the web. Using black olives you can make up the spiders. Chop half an olive for the body of the spider and then thinly slice the other half for the legs.


Halloween Monster Pizza’s

Have fun turning your pizza into various monster faces. Use circles of cheese and black olives for the eyeballs and then red peppers as the veins for the eyeballs. Use cut up pieces of ham or pepperoni to use as the mouth and fresh basil leaves can be used for eyebrows and eyelashes.