The Successful Diet Plan

We are three months into the year and some may be doing well on their diet for 2015 whilst others may have seen unsuccessful results therefore have given up on their diet. Dieting isn’t about starving yourself, you will be pleased to know that there is a successful way to diet without having to skip meals and eat just a banana for your dinner. The successful way to diet is all about counting your calories throughout the day, controlling what you eat and planning your meals ahead of time.

Dieting Faults

Many people think that the way to a successful diet is to starve themselves by eating very little throughout the day and even skipping meals. These people will often eat cereal for breakfast, fruit for lunch and then cereal again for dinner which isn’t a good way to diet.What they don’t realise that this is actually bad for your body as your body will start to store more food, as you are leaving your body constantly hungry, meaning you either don’t lose weight or you end up putting on weight as your body is storing more food than it needs to, which can be very unhealthy. Your body is a non-stop working machine which constantly needs energy to keep your vital organs going. If you starve your body of this energy then you can become more tired, fatigued and have less energy throughout the day.

Health And Fitness Apps

Fitness Apps Dieting

Health and fitness apps are a great way to keep an eye on the progress of your diet and the perfect way to keep yourself on track. When you sign up with a fitness app, most will obtain details from you such as your current weight and what your target weight is together with when you would like to reach your goal. These details are stored within the fitness app along with the information that you put in overtime, such as how much exercise you do and how many calories you are consuming, and in return the fitness app will give you a realistic suggestion of what weight you will be in so many weeks time.

When signing up to a fitness app, the app will give you the correct amount of calories that you can consume to reach your preferred goal, for example 1,200 calories for the day. You then add your food throughout the day such as breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks you may have throughout the day such as fruit. As long as your calories do not go over that 1,200 calories then you should start seeing results.

Overtime you will see a graph of your results which will give you motivation watching your weight decrease over time. This may also keep you motivated as you will not want to see the graph start to creep back up. You can also see how much nutrition you are getting from your meals which is a good way to control how much fat you are consuming and making sure that your fat, protein and carbohydrates are all balanced correctly.

Calorie Counting

Calorie Counting Diet

To diet the correct way to successfully lose weight is all about planning your meals ahead of time and counting your calories. The best way to count calories is to eat meals where you are able to count the calories correctly. You can do this with shop bought healthy ready meals which will be low in calories and low in fat. You can plan your meals ahead by planning the week ahead with what you are going to have each day. This is usually the best way to diet as you will then not want to go back on what you have planned to eat.

A fitness app is perfect for planning meals the week or even the day before where you can note down what you are going to be eating so that you can see whether you can have that meal or whether you will need to either choose a meal which is lower in calories or cut something out of your day such as the packet of crips at lunchtime; it is much healthier to choose fruit instead of crisps or just eat a sandwich to save your calories altogether. With anything bought from a shop such as a M&S Count on Us Roasted Vegetable Lasagne, you can scan the barcode on the packet and your fitness app will be able to tell you how many calories the meal is along with any nutritional information.

With a calorie controlled diet it doesn’t stop you from having something unhealthy such as a packet of crisps or a cake. It just means that you will not be able to eat as much that day. This will make you think is it really worth having that cake for 350 calories when you could use those calories for your main meal for dinner with the Roasted Vegetable Lasagne for 392 calories. It makes you realise that snacks such as as cakes, crisps and biscuits can be as much as a substantial dinner which will be a lot more filling that a piece of cake which can be eaten in seconds.


Many people make the mistake in thinking that they are overweight and continuously try to lose weight because of this. Overtime losing weight can leave your skin looking loose and untoned. Exercising can really help you tone your body up when you are on a diet or if you have been on a diet and need to tone up any skin which has become loose due to dieting. Exercising is vital for anyone who wants to stay healthy. It is good for your muscles and it is good for your heart to keep you healthy and strong.

Exercising alongside a calorie controlled diet will not only keep you healthy but will be the successful way to diet without having to starve yourself of meals. Healthy meals can be really tasty. Soup and cereal are low in calories and are popular on diets, however a low calorie meal from your local supermarket can be the same amount of calories but much more tastier and much more filling. When you are on a diet you want a filling meal as it will stop you snacking and going off track. Cereal and soup may leave you feeling hungry which may lead you to snack, whereas a low calorie meal will fill you up for the evening.

Simple Steps to a New You

Dieting and weight loss is easily achievable if you can put your mind to it and keep yourself on track. Patience is key when dieting, as some people can lose weight very quickly whereas others may take that bit longer. This is all due to everyone being different, with different bodies and metabolisms. Be patient and overtime you will see positive results.

Follow these simple steps and you will find yourself on a successful diet which will help you lose the weight you want and will lead you to become a healthier new you:

  • Download a Fitness App
  • Count Your Calories
  • Eat Low Calorie Ready Meals
  • Exercise Regularly
  • Be Patient