With just four weeks to go until Halloween, Smart Restaurants have decided to make it a Halloween month. Keep an eye out for our latest news posts with various ideas to help you become creative with your food for Halloween. Use these ideas to make creative meals for your family and friends or make a great Halloween themed party with Halloween food.

Halloween Sandwiches

To start off our Halloween ideas, we look into spooky lunches and ways you can make your sandwiches into something spooktacular for the month of Halloween. Take them to work to have a bit of fun in the office or make them for your children to take to school. Whatever you decide you will have lots of fun making these Halloween food creations.

Halloween Mummies


Halloween Mummies are easy to make as sandwiches. Choose your bread, add a tomato sauce as a base and then add strips of cheese. Cut some olives to use as eyes. To make the little spider on the side, cut up half an olive to use as the body and then cut the other half to use as the spider legs.

Halloween Monsters


These sandwiches are perfect for the little monsters in your life. Make up some sandwiches using salami, pepperoni or ham. Cut a zigzag into the top part of your bread and then bring some of the meat through to make it look like monster mouths with tongues sticking out. Cut some black olives and use them as eyes for the monsters.

Halloween Ghosts


Halloween ghosts are easy to make. Toast some bread and then add a ghost shape made up of either mayonnaise or a soft cheese such as a cream cheese. For the eyes and mouth you can use whole peppercorns or for something a bit sweeter you can try small raisons or sultanas.

Halloween Spiders and Webs


Halloween spider webs can be made up using a slice of bread, tomato sauce and a nice juicy olive. Add the tomato sauce to the bread, top with some sliced cheese and shape it to make a web effect. Add your spider using half an olive and using the other half to make the legs. Place your sandwich under the grill to slightly melt the cheese.

Halloween Melted Mummy Faces


If you liked the idea of mummified sandwiches then you always have the option to toast these to make them even tastier. Add tomato sauce to your bread, add your sliced cheese and then add sliced olives as eyes. Place under the grill for a minute and once the cheese has melted you can enjoy your Halloween themed toasted sandwich.