Jacket potatoes are perfect for a quick and easy meal. A good sized jacket potato can also be very filling and can be just what you need for your evening meal. You can add anything to your jacket potatoes, here are just a few examples:

– Baked Beans

– Butter

– Cheese

– Chilli Con Carni

– Coleslaw

– Tuna


Jacket potatoes are very easy to cook and the best jacket potatoes are the ones which are soft and fluffy on the inside with nice and crispy skins on the outside. If that sounds like the perfect jacket potato to you then follow these simple instructions.

Prepare your potatoes by washing them first and dry them with a paper towel. Prick your potatoes several times using a knife or a fork and them put them in the microwave to cook. For one potato put it on for about 7 minutes and for two potatoes put them on for 10 minutes. Whilst these are cooking you can start preparing the rest of your meal. Potatoes are nice served with salad, beans or even some nice stuffed mushrooms on the side.

Once your potatoes have been microwaved test that they are cooked through with a vegetable knife, if they are still a little bit firm then microwave them for another minute or two. Once they are cooked through, place them in the preheated oven at about 180 degrees and let them cook for a further 15-20 minutes.

Within the 15-20 minutes you can cook other ingredients such as baked beans, or grate some fresh cheddar cheese. Once your potatoes are cooked, serve them on a plate. Cut them in half and let a good amount of better melt into them then add your desired ingredients to them and serve either on their own or with salad , vegetables or even stuffed mushrooms and enjoy!