It is that time of year again; Festival Season. The weather looks promising for this weekend for Glastonbury, although with Glastonbury and any other festivals around the corner, you never know whether it is going to rain or shine.

At Smart Restaurants we have put together a 10 tip guide to surviving Glastonbury:

  1. Pack your Wellies

    Wellies are an essential for Glastonbury. It may be forecast for sunshine and then suddenly it will rain, but we have all experienced that kind of weather being in the UK. Along with your wellies a pac a mac or poncho is also an essential item so you can try your best to stay dry.

  2. Sunscreen and a Hat

    As you never know what the weather will be like when you attend any festival, it is best to pack for all weathers. Taking sunscreen and a hat is best to stop yourself coming back home with sunburn if it happens to be a weekend full of clear skies and sunshine.

  3. A Large Tent and a Sleeping Bag

    Unless you are glamping or have booked luxury accommodation elsewhere then don’t forget that all important tent and sleeping bag. You want to be comfortable so make sure that your tent is a good size for the weekend and big enough for yourself and friends to chill out in.

  4. Hand Gel and Wipes

    As you wont be able to wash properly over the weekend, quick easy solutions are to take hand gel along with face and body wipes with you. With these you will be able to stay reasonably clean, even if you can’t have that shower that you would prefer.

  5. Eat and Drink Sensibly

    Drinking sensibly is probably not the best advice when nobody drinks sensibly at music festivals, but make sure you stick to food you know as the last thing that you want is to eat something that doesn’t agree with you. You don’t want to be so unwell over the weekend that you miss out on all the good music.

  6. Food for a Fiver Meal Deal

    With over 500 food outlets at Glastonbury, 300 of those outlets are taking part in the “Food for a Fiver” scheme. This is where festival goers can grab a bargain with meal deals for just £5. There will be a mixture of food available ranging from burgers and pies to Italian and Vietnamese food, so lots of choice for over the weekend. A typical meal deal will be a burger and a drink for £5 so keep an eye out on the deals and look for the “Food for a Fiver” sticker.

  7. Don’t Miss Your Favourite Artists

    The worse thing to do is miss your favourite artists. Make sure you note down who you want to see, what time they are on and what stage they are performing at. Glastonbury is a non stop weekend so make sure you’re prepared to keep yourself going for the whole weekend.

  8. Prepare for Sleepless Nights

    Glastonbury is a full on party which never stops. Going to any festival you have to prepare yourself for sleepless nights. Music goes on until the early hours of the morning and then everyone is up nice and early preparing themselves for the day ahead making sure they are as close to the stage as they possibly can be.

  9. Leave Valuables at Home

    Tents aren’t exactly the safest place to leave your valuables and your car will most probably be parked a few miles from where you have pitched your tent for the weekend. It is best to leave anything valuable at home as the last thing that you want is to find out that someone has stolen the watch that was given to you for your 21st birthday.

  10. Look out for the Recharge Tent

    EE are providing a Recharge Tent so that festival goers, on any network, can charge their phones at Glastonbury. There will also be free wifi available to those that want to socially share photos to friends and family over the weekend. Bare in mind that this will get very busy with those wanting to charge their phones. Save your battery by turning off the internet and any Apps that you have running in the background.