Eggs can be one of those things that you can boil for too long or not long enough, so the key is to getting it just right. With all boiled eggs, simply put warm water into a saucepan and place it onto the hob to boil. Sprinkle some salt into the water, as this will help to prevent the eggs from cracking. As soon as you start seeing bubbles form in the water you know it’s time to place your eggs into the water. Make sure that you take care when doing this so that you don’t crack your eggs. Place the spoon into the boiling water, then with a tiny bit of the water on the spoon, place your egg onto the spoon. Having water on the spoon will help your egg acclimatise to the temperature of the water. Place your egg into the water and leave it to boil. In the meantime you can start getting your toast ready.

Soft Boiled Egg


For the perfect soft boiled eggs they only need between 3 and 4 minutes to boil. To ensure the white of the egg has hardened the best time to boil your eggs for would be for 4 minutes, making sure that you take them out of the water as soon as the 4 minutes is up. Soft boiled eggs are perfect for the well known meal; Egg and Soldiers. Place your egg in an egg cup and leave to cool for a minute, then crack your egg open and your egg will be ready for dipping.

Medium Boiled Egg


A medium boiled egg takes about 7 minutes to boil. Medium boiled eggs are for those who do not like the yolk of the egg to be completely runny, but still soft enough to dip bread into. If you let your eggs cool down in some water, they are nice to have warm with a salad and salad cream, with the yolk of the egg being nice and soft.

Hard Boiled Egg


The perfect hard boiled egg takes 10 minutes to boil. Once your egg has boiled for 10 minutes, run some cold water into your sink and place your boiled egg into the cold water. Once it has had time to cool it is ready to eat. Hard boiled eggs are perfect for egg and cress sandwiches or sliced up in a nice fresh summer salad.