With Halloween being just four days away we have already given you some smart ideas for Halloween themed lunches and dinner but how about something healthy and sweet?

We have put together some more ideas which you can use to make Halloween themed fruit desserts. These Halloween ideas are perfect to create a bit of fun in the house, whether it is with the children, with your friends or to make for a Halloween party you have planned to have this Halloween weekend. Take a look in your fruit bowl and see what you can make out of the fruit which you have available.

Monster Mouths


These monster mouths are fun to make with apples and strawberries. Cut a large apple into segments, throw away the middle and the pips. With each segment cut out a mouth by taking out a segemnt of apple from the front. Use peanut butter or something similar to add to the mouth, add half a strawberry as the tongue and then use almond flakes or chopped nuts to stick into the apple to make the teeth. Using the peanut butter stick two white chocolate buttons as eyes for each monster.

Ghosts and Pumpkins


Banana Ghosts and Orange Pumpkins are so simple to make as a quick Halloween treat:

Banana Ghosts

Peel the skin from each banana, slice in half to make two ghosts. Add chocolate chips for the two eyes and a mouth. Place upwards on a plate to reveal your ghost.

Orange Pumpkins

Orange pumpkins are so simple to make. You can use oranges, satsumas, clementines or tangerines to make your pumpkin. Remove the peel from your desired fruit and add some chopped celery to the centre of your fruit to make the stalk.

Apple Monsters


Apple monsters are great fun for parties and to make with your children. Cut out a large segment from your apple. Add chopped nuts to make the teeth. To make the eyes you can use mini ring doughnuts, small marshmallows and chocolate chips. Place a cocktail stick through to the centre of the ring doughnut, add a marshmallow and a chocolate chip which can be stuck to the marshmallow, push the rest of the cocktail stick through the rest of the doughnut and then add to your apple to make the monsters eyes.

Pear Ghosts


Pear ghosts are so simple to make. Simply peel the skin from the apple to reveal the juicy inside, push chocolate chips into the fruit to make the eyes and a mouth and there you will have your very own pear ghost.

Spooky Dentures


Turn those leftover apples into spooky dentures. Chop your apple into segments, saving about a quarter which you will need to chop into small pieces.  Using a segment, cut out a segment from the front to form the inside of a mouth, add peanut butter or something similar and then add the chopped up apple to make the teeth.