Moley Robotics revealed its robot kitchen several months ago and today is currently signing contracts with restaurants as well as house-builders, hotels and hospitals in the hope for a successful future.

The robot kitchen contains everything a normal kitchen would with worktops, a fridge, an oven and a dishwasher. The one difference is the large pair of robotic arms and hands that also come with this kitchen in replacement of the human chef. The idea is that in purchase of a kitchen such as this we will no longer need to spend hours cooking meals and can hand over the hard work to our trained robotic chef.

How Does The Robot Kitchen Work?


The robot kitchen works by following a recipe previously created by a human who has cooked the meal whilst wearing cyber gloves and being filmed by 3D motion capture technology which is then uploaded to a specific App which can be saved for later use. The robot follows a recipe by cooking the same way the human has previously cooked. They also work the same way as a human would and at the same speed as well so that the food is cooked exactly the same way as a human would cook it. Meals can be chosen using the Moley App where the user can choose their preferred meal and can also choose calorie controlled meals for those that are health conscious.

The Robot Kitchen Safety


The robot kitchen comes with a screen which means nothing can get in the way of the robot whilst it is busy cooking a meal. This also protects outsiders such as pets and children from entering the kitchen area and interrupting the robot.

How Much Will A Robot Kitchen Cost?

The robot kitchen will be available for purchase in 2018 and will cost approximately £50,000. House-builders are looking into installing the robot kitchen into new homes to add excitement and appeal for home purchasers. Hotels and hospitals are also looking at investing in the robot kitchen as it will be able to make lots of dishes quickly and on demand.

Benefits Of The Moley Robotics Kitchen


With the development of smart phones and technology, robots have always been something of the future so it is inevitable that we start to use robots in the home. The robot kitchen will benefit the user by saving time out of the already long day that they have. They can get home from work, set the robot to cook the meal they want to eat using the App and then they can relax whilst their meal is being prepared and cooked. The price may be something that people might not want to pay, however if it is an option between a new standard kitchen or spending that bit more for a robot kitchen then this will be something that people might be tempted by. It should be successful in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other food outlets as you can programme the robot into cooking a variety of meals.