Do you want to make the enjoyment of a takeaway last that bit longer? Do you sometimes end up throwing away those bits you don’t eat? Well how about a solution to save you money and save you wasting that food. Here are some useful tips that will stop you throwing away the food that you don’t want and turning it into a meal for the next day. Even in restaurants if you decide you can eat that half of the pizza just ask for it to take home because at the end of the day you are still paying for a full pizza, the restaurant won’t deduct half the price of what you don’t eat.

Some foods will only last that one night. And some foods will just taste awful if you try to reheat them that bit later on into the evening. However some foods will taste good the next day if you put them straight in your fridge after you have decided you are too full to eat it. Make sure the food is always put into tubs, boxes or bags depending on what it is.

With any left over food you can always make a meal out of it the next day. With pizza you could cook up some garlic bread to eat with it or some salad. Think of how you could put your food into use rather than throwing it away for it to turn into waste.

Pizza Takeaway

Pizza is a good takeaway or restaurant food that can be heated up and eaten the next day depending on how fresh it is in the first place. If you want to take your pizza to work then an easy solution is to heat it up in the microwave. However if you want it to still taste nice and make a meal out of it then the best thing to do is put it in the oven on about 180 degrees and warm it up for about 10minutes. The pizza topping melts nicely and the base will go nice and crispy.

Pasta Takeaway

Likewise with pizza, pasta can also be heated up in the microwave or the oven. To have it well heated in the microwave then it only needs a couple of minutes, or if you want it more tasty then put it in a ovenproof dish and heat it up for about 10-15minutes. You can also add ingredients like herbs or cheese to make it that bit tastier. To make it more of a meal, add some garlic bread on the side which you could heat up at the same time as the pasta.

Chinese Takeaway

A Chinese takeaway is always easy to have the next day as most of the time the food will be given to you in microwavable tubs so that what you don’t eat can just be heated up in the microwave for several minutes. Make sure that the food is put in the fridge the night before and has not been left out throughout the night, as this wouldn’t be healthy to eat the following day

Indian Takeaway

A curry from and Indian Restaurant or Indian Takeaway can be heated up in the microwave for a couple of minutes making sure that it is heated well enough through, especially if it has meat or rice in it.

Fish and Chips

Unfortunately out of all the takeaways that you can buy, fish and chips is one takeaway meal that isn’t nice to eat the next day. For a start the chips seem to go chewy and even worse when you try and reheat them in the microwave. Anything you get from a fish and chip shop is probably best eaten at the time of purchase. Fish, chicken and sausage is probably okay to eat the next day if it is put in the fridge straight away, and possibly eaten cold. If it is heathed through then make sure that it is only being re-heated once and that it is hot enough to have been cooked through.

Rice that isn’t cooked correctly can lead to food poisoning, so it is best to take special care with reheating rice. Make sure that when you have decided you don’t want to eat anymore that you put your rice dish in the fridge straight away. Do not leave it out in room temperature for more than one hour. You must also eat the dish the next day to stop any bacteria growing on the food. When reheating rice make sure that it is cooked all the way through and also make sure that it is piping hot, even if this means you have to wait for it to cool down before eating it. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Meat is also something to be wary of, again similar to rice make sure that it is cooked all the way through before eating it. A way to sample whether it is cooked all the way through is to cut a piece in half and feel if it is hot in the middle.

We are in a world where we like to recycle rather than waste, the same should go with food. A takeaway should be an enjoyable experience and that experience can be spread to the next day by making another meal out. This will also help save you money and save you time in cooking another meal or buying another meal.