At Smart Restaurants we often look at national days or weeks and like to look into what they are about. This week is National Picnic Week and with the weather getting warmer and the sun is making more of an appearance, therefore it is the perfect week to go out for a picnic. Picnic’s are perfect to have as a couple, to have on  family day out and to have with friends. Picnic’s are nice as you can pack up your favourite food and take it to wherever you would like to go, whether it be the local park, a day out to the seaside or even to the zoo.

For National Picnic Week we have come up with a few suggestions on what you can take on a picnic. Take a look and use some of these suggestions for the weekend to go somewhere nice and have a picnic. You can have a homemade picnic or you can always buy certain items from local food stores such as bakeries and takeaways.



Sandwiches are perfect for taking on picnics and are probably one of the most popular types of picnic food. Sandwiches are great because you can have lots of different fillings. They are also great because you can cut them into four triangles, to then share between those that you have chosen to go on a picnic with. Sandwiches can be made at home, bought in a supermarket or bought freshly made from a local bakery. The great thing about buying them from a local bakery is that they are always freshly made and can be made up however you like, with your choice of bread and filling.


In supermarkets you can get large bags of crisps which are perfect for taking on a picnic and sharing with everyone. You can get different flavoured crisps or different types of crisps such as squares, cheese puffs, cheese savouries and chip sticks. For more choice you can always buy a mixed bag of crisps that have a large variety of crisps in them.



Fruit is great to take on picnics and are good to snack on as they are healthy for you. Strawberries and grapes are both perfect types of fruit for taking on a picnic. They are easy to share around and taste nice, fresh and juicy.


Small cakes are great to take on a picnic, such as little cupcakes, mini rolls and french fancies. You can either make some cakes or buy them ready made at the supermarket. Cakes are great to take and share around with everyone. They are also good for taking that sneaky second. A huge variety of cakes can be bought from a local bakery where they will happily box up several cakes of your choice for you to take on a picnic.


Pastries you can have as either sweet or savoury. You can buy pasties and pies from local supermarkets and could even pick one up fresh from your local bakery or takeaway. Then there is a huge variety of sweet pastries that you can take on a picnic such as cherry bakewell’s and apple pies which are always good to share around on a picnic. Fresh pastry desserts such as chocolate eclairs and strawberry tarts can be bought from a local bakery.

Have a Picnic Takeaway


If you want something completely made up for you and ready to eat, then why not take your favourite takeaway with you for a picnic, to be different to all the rest. It would have to be somewhere local so that it doesn’t go cold, but you could always take a meal from a fast food outlet, such as McDonald’s, with you on your picnic, have a pizza to share between you or how about the classic fish and chips at the seaside, the perfect picnic for many.