National Curry Week falls between the 13th-19th October 2014. National Curry Week is a week in which all curry houses, restaurants, takeaways and curry lovers can celebrate this asian dish.

Curry Varieties


There are many different types of curry and many people can use National Curry Week as an opportunity to try a different type of curry each day. Curries can contain various types of meat which include chicken, fish, lamb, beef and vegetables. This will usually be mixed with a type of curry sauce such as a Korma or a Masala sauce and then served with rice.

There are many side dishes which can accompany any sort of curry dish. These include papadums, naan bread and various kinds of chutney.

Many people may not want to try a curry as they feel it will be too spicy. Lots of spices are used in curries, however most are used for flavour and not all of them are hot, some can be quite mild. A Chicken Korma is favoured for being a mild curry dish, with its creamy sauce and sweet tastes of coconut.


If you are a curry fan then use National Curry Week as a week of trying out new curries or experimenting and trying something different than your usual Chicken Tikka Masala. If you are someone who doesn’t particularly like the idea of a curry then go for a mild dish such as a Chicken Korma and maybe you will find that you enjoy curry a lot more than you thought. If you have a sweet tooth then as a side dish why not choose a Peshwari Naan which is flavoured with coconut inside and compliments a Chicken Korma very well. Peshwari Naan’s can vary, some also contain raisons and nuts which can be very flavoursome.



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