There are many National Awareness Days and Weeks throughout the year and from the 13th-19th October it is National Chocolate Week. This week is the perfect excuse for all chocoholics to enjoy as much chocolate as they like. National Chocolate Week raises awareness around the country with many getting involved from restaurants to chocolatiers to even the general pubic.



Chocolate has been about for many years and first came about as a tasty hot drink. It was first introduced in the UK in 1650 as a drink for the wealthy. It wasn’t until the  18th and 19th Century that chocolate started to be produced into the solid form that we see it as today. More and more companies started to evolve and chocolate manufacturing began properly in the late 19th early 20th Century.

Fry’s were the first company to produce the chocolate bar in 1847, as we recognise today, moulded into blocks and sold in bars. The chocolate itself wouldn’t of been as sweet as it is today as this was still the early stages of chocolate production. The first milk chocolate bar was produced in 1875 when Daniel Peter, a Swiss manufacturer, added condensed milk to the chocolate recipe. In 1879 Rodolphe Lindt, another Swiss manufacturer, produced the first conching machine which helped give chocolate a more refined and smooth texture. By 1897, Cadbury were competing with their very own milk chocolate bars. By 1905 the Cadbury Dairy Milk bar was introduced and became increasingly popular.

Chocolate Today

Today we see chocolate in many different ways by many different manufacturers such as Cadbury, Nestlé and Mars. Chocolate can be used in drinks such as a chocolate milkshake or a warming hot chocolate. You can buy a huge variety of chocolate bars, from plain, milk and white chocolate to chocolate with hazelnuts and even popping candy. Chocolate is also used in many different desserts such as ice cream, chocolate mousse and chocolate cake.


In 1990, Cadbury World opened up in Bournville for visitors to go and explore the world of chocolate and for them to have an insight into the way that chocolate is made along with a history of chocolate. This was a great way for the general public to learn about chocolate and have an exciting day out with the family.

Chocolate Benefits

Chocolate has its disadvantages in that it can be very high in calories and has a high fat content. However chocolate does have its benefits too, especially dark chocolate. Chocolate contains potassium, iron along with many other essential vitamins which are good for us. Dark chocolate is supposed to be good for the heart in that it can help stop blood clots and it also contains antioxidants.



Lots of people on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter can get involved with National Chocolate Week. This can be by posting pictures, sharing recipes and talking generally about chocolate. Chocolate companies can get involved as well as restaurants to promote their chocolate products, this is a good form of marketing for these companies.

Get involved with National Chocolate Week and share what you are up to. Whether you are cooking with chocolate, baking some cakes or just sitting down enjoying a bar of Cadbury Dairy Milk.