It’s National Burger Day! What a great excuse to enjoy your favourite burger for dinner this evening. Whether you decide to stay in at home, order from a takeaway or go to your favourite pub or restaurant, Smart Restaurants have put together a variety of burgers you can choose from for National Burger Day.

Burgers can be made up from various meats and vegetables, mixed with a variety of cheese and salad each burger can be made differently for each individual and personal preference.



The classic burger is usually a beef burger. Beef burgers can be mixed with various toppings to create individual flavours. Cheeseburgers are topped with cheese, salad and tomato ketchup, Hamburgers are topped with cheese, bacon and salad you can also have different sized burgers depending on whether you want a smaller quarter pounder burger to a larger double quarter pounder burger.


Pulled pork burgers have become popular in pubs and restaurants recently. Pulled pork burgers are made up of shredded and layered pork meat. This can make a nice alternative to the classic burger which is usually made of minced meat. Pork mince can also be used to make burgers as an alternative to using beef. This is popular to those who don’t like meats such as beef.



Chicken burgers are sold in many different varieties. There are plain chicken breast burgers, flavoured burgers which are topped with spices and flavourings, then there are classic chicken burgers which are coated in breadcrumbs or a light batter.


As a vegetarian there are so many different choices for burgers to eat. At Smart Restaurants we have put together a selection of Vegetarian choices for National Burger Day.

Quorn and Soya

Quorn and soya based burgers are popular to those who wish to have a meat free burger which is still quite meaty in texture. Many different brands sell soya based burgers such as Quorn, Linda McCartney as well as supermarket own brands. There are many different varieties such as quarter pounders and mixed soya burgers with mozzarella so there are lots to choose from.



Bean burgers are also a popular vegetarian choice of burger. Bean burgers consist of a mixture of bean varieties. You may also find that you can purchase spicy bean burgers which are nice for those that like spicy food.


Vegetable burgers can be very different depending on how you make them or where you may purchase them from. Vegetable burgers will usually consist of a patty made with a mixture of vegetables such as diced carrots, sweetcorn, peppers and peas. The burger is then coated in breadcrumbs or lightly battered.



Mushroom burgers are a great choice for vegetarians. They are tasty and full of flavour. Mushroom burgers come in many different forms and all taste very different to each other.

Mushroom burgers come in many different forms depending on where you purchase them from or how you make them. Mushroom burgers can be made simply with a large portobello mushroom and topped with pesto and salad. You will also find mushroom burgers in your local supermarket which are made with a mixed mushroom patty. Another mix you quite ofind is a mushroom and spinach burger which is not only very healthy for you but is extremely flavoursome.

Alternative Burgers

Barbecued Burgers

All of the burgers above can be barbecued to create a different taste. A coal barbecue will flavour the burger whilst cooking to create a nice flavour.

Fish Burger


Try a fish burger for something different. This can be a fishcake in a breaded roll or maybe try fish fingers. Fish burgers can be very nice as something a little bit lighter than a meaty beef burger.

Breakfast Burger

Breakfast burgers are an ideal burger for those who love a full english breakfast. Breakfast burgers can be made with sliced up sausages, bacon and either fried or scrambled egg. Serve with hash browns on the side.