What will you be doing for Mothering Sunday this year to spoil your mother and make her feel special? Smart Restaurants have come up with a few hints and tips to make Mother’s Day extra special this year.



Start Mother’s Day with a nice breakfast for your mother to wake up to. Spoil her with a box of chocolates, flowers and a nice choice of breakfast laid out for her. Fresh croissants, toast and cereal are always nice and she can pick what she wants, along with a nice cup of tea, coffee or how about a nice hot chocolate with whipped cream, marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles.

If you have a local coffee shop such as Costa Coffee, Pret a Manger or Starbucks, then you could always go and get a takeaway breakfast with a nice fresh hot drink and fresh croissants to bring home for your mother, if you haven’t planned to make her any breakfast.


The morning is a nice time to relax and leisurely get ready for the day. This can be a time to also give your mother your presents to her, for her to open, before or after breakfast it’s up to you.



There are a number of things that you can do for lunch for Mother’s Day. If it is a nice sunny day then how about a run out in the car and then stop off for a picnic at a nice country park. You can put a picnic together the night before and then pack it all together in the morning. You can put together a selection of sandwiches, fruit and pretty little cupcakes. The cupcakes can come from one of your local patisseries to take away, this will mean that they are nice and fresh.

Lunchtime is also usually quieter than the evenings to go to a restaurant, so this could be a good opportunity to take your mother out to her favourite restaurant for a meal.

If you want to make the most out of Mother’s Day and being able to constantly treat her then you could always take her out for a little bite to eat at a nice independent café for either sandwiches or just a cake and a hot drink.



There are a number of things that you could do in the evening for Mother’s Day, but make sure you choose to do something your mother would most enjoy to do.

Go Out for a Meal

Going out for a meal on Mother’s Day is a nice way to treat your mother. She can get all dressed up and can choose her favourite restaurant to go to. Make sure that if this is the option you choose that you do book ahead of time, as restaurants do fill up rather quickly for special occasions.

If you couldn’t think of anything to buy your mother for Mother’s Day then treating her to a nice meal out is always a nice gesture and a nice present to your mother.

Have a Takeaway

If you’ve had a busy day out for Mother’s Day, then what better way to have a relaxed evening in and order in your mothers favourite takeaway and watch her favourite film. With it being a Sunday, then check first to make sure that her favourite takeaway is actually open and if it isn’t then make sure that you have somewhere else that you can choose to go to. Most takeaways can either be delivered or collected and with it being Mother’s Day, places could be quite busy meaning that the delivery time will be quite a long wait. Sometimes in times like this you could order it beforehand then go and collect it and a time that suits you.

Cook a Nice Meal


There is nothing more special than a surprise cooked meal for your mother on Mother’s Day. She will feel like she can relax and have a day where she is being waited on by her children.

If you don’t have all that much time to prepare a cooked meal then you could aways cook a simple dish such as pasta or buy a plain pizza to then top with your mothers favourite toppings. You could create a homemade takeaway by having a pizza and watching a film of your mothers choice.

The most important thing that you can do is make your mother feel so special this Mother’s Day and overall make her feel loved!