Fruit labels may be something of the past if fruit suppliers and supermarkets take on the latest technology. Fruit can now be laser printed with vital information about the fruit such as it’s expiration date, the price and what country it has come from. This is something that will work well on lose fruit that consumers can buy in supermarkets, food stores and market stalls that sell fruit.

The process of laser tattooing fruit is where the pigment of the fruit’s skin is removed to create the laser print onto the fruit. The process will not harm the fruit in any way and does not affect its lifespan.

Marks and Spencer and going to be one of the first food stores to trial the latest technology to see if it works, as they hope that in the long run it will lower their carbon footprint. If Marks and Spencer are successful it won’t take long for other food stores and supermarkets to follow and start using this modern technology.