Fashion shows and fashion collections are becoming very creative. This year at various Fashion weeks, mixing together the ingredients of food and fashion have been a common recipe. What is the meaning though behind food and fashion. Many are saying that it is to represent the closeness between fast food and fast fashion. Fashion changes so quickly in the modern society that sometimes we just can’t keep up. However like fast food, fast fashion is just so easy to consume and make you want more of it.

London Fashion Week



Anya Hindmarch followed a food theme within her accessories, in her Autumn/Winter collection, shown at London Fashion Week. She had large tote bags with the iconic Kellogg’s cockerel on the front, as well as the Kellogg’s Coco Pops Monkey and  Tony the Tiger from Kellogg’s Frosties on them. Other bags had McVities biscuits attached to them, along with Bourbon and Custard Cream golden evening bags. It seems that for Autumn/Winter 2014 we are in for a tasty treat with fashion and can physically wear what we like to eat.

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Milan Fashion Week


For Milan Fashion Week, Moschino put on a spectacular show with their food inspired catwalk and fashion designs. Most of the clothing and accessories were very much inspired by McDonald’s, along with other food brands such as Hershey’s and Fruit Loops. Accessories and bags were in the form of McDonald’s happy meal boxes, milkshakes and fries, coinciding with the red and yellow themed outfits. Moschino’s latest collection, represented fast food within fast fashion.

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Paris Fashion Week


 For Paris Fashion Week, Karl Lagerfeld creatively turned the Grand Palais into Chanel’s first luxury hypermarket, with every product being branded by Chanel. The show consisted of models showing the latest collection whilst browsing the specially designed Chanel hypermarket. Much work had not only gone into the fashion collection but had also gone into the fashion set. Every product whether it was food, drink or laundry detergent was branded as a Chanel product. Model’s walked around the hypermarket with shopping trollies and shopping baskets, looking at various Chanel products whilst wearing the latest Autumn/Winter 2014 collection. 

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Asda Recreated Supermarket Fashion Show


The quick thinking creative team at George at Asda, came up with their very own fashion show which was staged at the Park Royal, North West London Asda store.  This was to represent the fashion show that Chanel staged for Paris Fashion Week. The difference was that Asda was staging their show in front of the general public of supermarket shoppers. Without having to rebrand everything, Asda already had Asda branded supermarket products as well as George at Asda clothes in the store. All they had to do was show their latest collection, all at reasonable prices in front of many different aisle scenes to represent the Chanel catwalk.

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Fast Food Fashion

Fashion can be in anything, it doesn’t just have to be within clothes. Fashion can be within art, music, different cultures and can also be within food. Just like fashion, food trends can differ throughout the year and some things can become unfashionable to eat. Restaurants and takeaways will change their menu’s to suit the season, as do fashion designers. Now we are seeing the new trend of food within fashion and are literally given a taste of what is to come for the Autumn/Winter collection for 2014.