Summer is finally here as Britain faces a heatwave this week. Tomorrow is going to be the hottest day in Britain for almost a decade. As the British weather is so uncertain, make the most of it while you can and embrace the heatwave by wiping the dust from your BBQ and cooking a variety of barbecued meals this week. The warmer weather means you can make the use of your garden with some al fresco dining with friends and family.

At Smart Restaurants we have put together a list of the perfect BBQ items for this week, cook them all at once or have a variety throughout the week, the choice is yours:



  • Corn on the Cob

    Sweetcorn is perfect to pop onto the BBQ. Once it is cooked smother it in butter and enjoy.

  • Vegetable Kebabs

    Vegetable kebabs are so easy to make for the BBQ. Choose your favourite vegetables, pop them onto a skewer and enjoy. The Smart Restaurants choice would be; mushrooms, mixed peppers, tomatoes and onions.

  • Veggie Burgers

    You don’t have to eat meat to enjoy a BBQ. There are many vegetarian burgers out there which are perfect for the BBQ. The best burgers for the BBQ are ones which are quite thick and will cook well on the grill. Quarter pounder soya burgers, mozzarella burgers, mushroom burgers or thick vegetable burgers are all very tasty and would cook well on a BBQ.

  • Halloumi Kebabs

    Another vegetarian option for the BBQ would be a halloumi kebab. Halloumi is a type of cheese which is a perfect for the BBQ as it does not melt. Add halloumi to your skewer and mix with courgettes, peppers and tomatoes for a tasty meal.



  • Chicken Burgers

    You cant go wrong with a chicken burger for your BBQ. You can buy different types of chicken burgers whether you want to have a plain chicken burger, one that is breaded or one that has a flavour. You can also add your own flavourings to your burger and don’t forget that the BBQ will flavour your burger nicely.

  • Chicken Kebabs

    A mixture of tender pieces of chicken and vegetables can be perfect for any BBQ. Add pieces of chicken to a kebab skewer along with your favourite vegetables such as mushrooms, tomatoes and peppers. Let them cook until the chicken is cooked all the way through and enjoy.



  • Beef Burgers

    The beef burger is always a popular item of choice at any BBQ. Serve with a fresh bread roll, add either tomato ketchup or brown sauce and enjoy. You can always add some cheese before serving to make your burger extra tasty.

  • Steaks

    Steaks are always good to have at a BBQ. These will often be cooked to preference though as everyone likes steak to be cooked different from rare to very well done, so it is always best to ask your guests how they like to eat their steak.



  • Hot Dogs

    Everyone loves a hot dog at a BBQ. Cook before the main BBQ food and everyone can enjoy them whilst the burgers and kebabs are cooking.

  • Sausages

    Cook up some sausages to have on the side so that you have a variety of meat for your BBQ. They are also good to snack on later on when they cool down.