Target Market

Understanding your target market and what they want out of you as a business, product or service is so important as it can affect those customers who will regularly visit you or only visit the once. The customers that choose you over your competitors are your loyal customers and it is these customers that you must always try your best to please as you want them to always be a loyal customer to you.

One way that you can keep them as a customer and entice them into choosing you over another competitor is by offering a loyalty or reward scheme. With this the customer will get a reward back from choosing you and will also get a reward back in something that they like.

It isn’t only the loyalty card that will make a customer choose you to go to, you must first provide the customer with something that they like. In terms of a restaurant or takeaway business you must provide outstanding tasty food along with a good price. You must also do some research into what your customers like the most and what more they could want out of you as a business. Give the customer exactly what they want. Even if you just trial it, it will please the customers as they know that you are listening to them. The reward card also gives the customer what they want by carrying out research of the favourite food and offer this as a free reward to spend loyalty points on. For example if chips are the favourite then this can be the reward, then the reward can change for the following month.

Customer Loyalty

To gain customer loyalty you must focus your marketing on relationship marketing. This is where your focus is on relationship building, long term orientations, providing trust in the service and focusing on repeat sales with the same customers.

There are a number of different kinds of loyalty which include emotional; going back to the same place as you wouldn’t choose to go anywhere else, price; where your restaurant or takeaway is the best value for money, and incentives; where your loyalty scheme has the best benefits.

To increase customer loyalty, as a business, you must always keep a close eye on your competition, as it is the competition that you are fighting with over your customers. If you notice they have special offers on then beat those special offers and do something better, perhaps by using your loyalty scheme or rewards card.

The Smart Restaurants App

The Smart Restaurants smart phone App is perfect for any restaurant or takeaway business as customers are able to “like” the food or “disklike” the food and this information will go directly to the restaurant or takeaway so that they know where they can improve. The customers can also have their loyalty card on the app so that it is easy to use when they are ordering food, as the points can be added on when the customer picks up the food from the takeaway or restaurant.

Overall how a business succeeds is all about how loyal the customers are to your business and this is one of the most important factors to any business. So the number one thing you need to ask yourself each day is “Are we doing everything that we can do for our customers?”.