Allergy Awareness Week

Allergy awareness week comes about each year to raise awareness of the different allergies that people suffer from. Some suffer from allergies in different ways and some can suffer worse than others. Allergies can be anything from hay fever to being lactose intolerant. For allergy awareness week we have had a look at allergies that people may have by eating different types of food and where people have to be careful with food that may contain ingredients that could affect them. Allergy sufferers have to be careful when they visit takeaways and restaurants and must always let somebody know that they are allergic to whatever they may be allergic to. Some desserts may not be nut free, this should be stated on the menu, however it is always safer to ask. It is the same with being a vegetarian, it is always best to say that you don’t eat meat and to make sure that the dish you are eating is meat free.



Many people suffer from being gluten intolerant. Gluten is a protein which can mainly be found in food such as flour, which is made up from cereal grains such as wheat and barley. Flour is a main ingredient used to make bread as well as other food such as cakes. Since many people are found to be allergic to gluten, there are now many food products which are gluten free, such as gluten free cakes, which exclude any form of flour made from wheat. In many supermarkets and cafés you will notice that you can now get lots of gluten free products and that this will be clearly stated on the packaging. In cafés you will find that they will make one or two gluten free cakes to suit those who are gluten intolerant.

Dairy Products


Dairy products consist of milk, butter, cheese and eggs. Many people are lactose intolerant and are to avoid having dairy products such as milk, which contains lactose. There are products that you can get which are free from any lactose, so that those who suffer from being lactose intolerant can still have certain things like milk each day, with the lactose extracted from the milk. Those who are allergic to dairy have to be careful with certain products that may contain dairy products such as cakes which contain butter and eggs and chocolate which contains milk.

Various Nuts


There are various types of nuts that people can be allergic to. Some can be allergic to all nuts and some can be allergic to just a specific type of nut. Nuts are also used in many different foods and this is where people have to be careful. People also have to be careful with food that may have been prepared in the same place as nuts, however this is usually stated on the packaging. Some foods will also say that the product doesn’t contain nuts, but they cannot guarantee that it is completely nut free. For those who are allergic to nuts it is best to stay clear of anything that could contain nuts, so they are not at risk of getting an allergic reaction.



Seafood can be something that many people are allergic to, especially with many types of shellfish. Those who are allergic to seafood may find that it is best to just avoid any type of seafood at all. As with all allergies, it is best to say that you are allergic to seafood when you are in a takeaway or a restaurant so that you can be reassured that your dish is completely fish free. Fish has become quite popular as it is healthier and less calories than other types of meat such as pork and beef. You can also eat fish raw, which is where people may find there allergies come from. All foods are usually better cooked rather than being raw, as being cooked could help with many allergies.

Avoiding Allergic Reactions


Everyone should come to a time in their life where they know what they can and can not eat and should also know whether they are allergic to anything. Some may be fine with everything that they eat and some may find that they are allergic or sensitive to one or more food types. The best thing to do when you are buying food from a takeaway or a restaurant is that you always ask whether it is free from nuts or whatever you may be allergic to. Look out for food that is free from the ingredient that you are allergic to such as gluten free muffins and lactose free milk. If you know you are allergic to something and you are unsure about whether a product may contain nuts, for example, then it is best to not get it and just stick to what you are used to.