The takeaway industry is growing rapidly with every year that goes by. The way for fast food outlets to grow even further is to offer a delivery service for customers to use. Not every takeaway offers dining on the premises and many choose to collect their takeaway to then eat at home or will order takeaway to be delivered. Last year those that ordered their takeaway to be delivered rose by almost 10% whereas those that ate at restaurants or on the premises of a fast food outlet rose by just 1% showing that delivery is more preferable choice for those that choose to purchase ready to eat fast food meals.


There has been a lot of talk over the years about whether or not McDonald’s could offer a delivery service, however with both Burger King and KFC now offering this service, McDonald’s have little choice on the matter and must keep up with close competition. McDonald’s have already installed touch screen ordering points in many franchises across the country which makes it easier for customers to choose what they want and eliminates any ordering mistakes which can happen when ordering in person.

In June 2017, McDonald’s are going to trial a delivery service in a selected number of franchises across the country. It has been said that external companies such as Just Eat, Deliveroo and Uber Eats will be used by McDonald’s to deliver the food to customers.


McDonald’s are also releasing an App in the UK around the same time for their customers. Research has shown a growth in the market for food ordering Apps such as the Smart Restaurants App. Food ordering Apps are perfect for customers to view an extensive menu, to browse at their own time and place an order and pay within an App. This is more convenient for the Millennial generation that are always on the go and can order at their own convenience and even better have the food delivered to them at work, home or wherever the may be.