The popular fast food chain McDonald’s has seen a drop in sales recently and are looking at various ways to raise their sales and to attract customers back to the fast food restaurant. You may of noticed that many McDonald’s sites have been renovated with modern looking re-fits and have also had touch screen ordering systems installed into many locations across the country. The idea of the touch screen ordering system is to quicken the overall ordering process for customers so that they can order what they like and pay using the ordering system, similar to the self service areas of many supermarkets. Once the customer has completed their order and paid, they will receive a receipt with an order number which they can take to the collection point to collect their meal.

In order to turn things around with a hope to see a rise in sales again, McDonald’s have also planned to start eliminating the use of antibiotics in the chicken that they use in their products, to start serving healthier chicken produce to their customers such as chicken nuggets and chicken burgers.

Antibiotics are currently used by poultry farmers as a way to make the chickens grow faster. However with the overuse of such antibiotics in chickens it has said to be reducing the effectiveness of these particular antibiotics in humans. Research has suggested that consumers of produce such as this may cause the antibiotics to be less effective for treating illnesses and diseases in the human body.

McDonald’s have spoken about how chickens that become poorly will still be given antibiotics to make them better, however they will not be included in their food supply. McDonald’s chickens will be kept healthy by being given antibiotics however these will be antibiotics which are not taken by humans called ionophores.

McDonald’s Elimination Process

McDonald's Chicken Nuggets

In the U.S.A McDonald’s plan to serve chicken free of antibiotics which could effect humans within the next two years. European McDonald’s will also do the same by eliminating the use of any important antibiotics which could could make a difference on the effectiveness of such antibiotics on humans when being used to help treat any illness or disease.

McDonald’s hope that by taking out the use of antibiotics in chickens will lead to a healthier relationship with customers by providing them food which is healthier and more natural to eat. This also coincides with McDonald’s proving milk, in the U.S.A, which has not been treated with rbST which is an artificial growth hormone making the cows produce more milk than they are meant to.

The Future for McDonald’s

Chicken Burger

The future for McDonald’s looks promising with the hope to bring healthier products to their customers with healthier chicken products such as chicken nuggets and chicken burgers along with healthier milk based products such as milkshakes. McDonald’s are a fast food chain that are always making sure their restaurants are kept looking tidy and up to date with renovations every couple of years. The touch screen ordering system which is being put into many locations across the country has also been popular with customers eager to try the new system out. It seems as though 2015 is the year for many fast food chains to make a positive change with Burger King offering a delivery service called Burger King Delivers as well as KFC’s edible coffee cup – the Scoff-ee Cup.