With Christmas just a couple of weeks away it has got us thinking about Christmas dinner here at Smart Restaurants. Whether you eat your Christmas dinner in the comfort of your own home or go out to a restaurant to save cleaning all those pots and pans, the way you eat your dinner can actually reflect your personality. Find out what type of eater you are and see if this matches your type of character.

The Organised Eater

Being an organised eater means you like your Christmas dinner to be in designated zones on the plate. This shows that in life you are an organised and tidy person who can also be unwilling to change or compromise with certain things.

The Adventurous Eater

Whilst many of us like to stick to the same food we like for our Christmas dinner there are others that can be adventurous when it comes to food and will try anything at least once in their life. If this is you then you are brave and also a risk taker in life.

The Picky Eater

If you are someone who likes to stick to the same meals and are unwilling to try anything new, then you are a picky eater and can sometimes be hard to please. This shows that you like being in your comfort zone, but you are also curious in life so enjoy learning new things.

The Isolationistic Eater

If you are someone who likes to eat one thing at a time before moving onto the next item of food, then you are an isolationist. With your Christmas dinner you will often eat your vegetables, then your potatoes and then your meat. This means that in life you are a very cautious person who will think everything through before taking any action to eliminate any chance of risk.

The Mix It Altogether Eater

For those that like to mix all their food together and happy to eat a fork full of mixed up vegetables, meat and potato at the same time often means you are happy to take a risk. You are an outgoing, friendly person who will always take a lot on which means there is often a risk of overdoing things in life, but this is what keeps you going.

The Slow Eater

If you are the last to finish your Christmas dinner, then don’t be embarrassed. After all you only get one Christmas dinner a year, so it is best to enjoy every mouthful. A slow eater shows that you like to take your time to enjoy the overall experience. If this is you then you are someone who likes to live in the present and make the most of everything around you.

The Speedy Eater

If you are the first to finish your Christmas dinner, then you must live a fast-paced life and usually don’t have the time to sit and enjoy your food. You are competitive with your work and you will usually reach deadlines early and always be on time for meetings.

The Noisy Eater

You are a noisy eater and you don’t care. You like to enjoy your food whilst loudly munching away. This shows that you don’t care what others think and are comfortable in letting people know this is what you are like. Others may find you embarrassing but this doesn’t stop you being the way you are.

The Perfectionist Eater

Some like to prepare the food on their plate by cutting it up and getting it ready to eat and enjoy. This type of person is forward thinking and ambitious. If this is you then you are always eager to make plans in life so you know what direction you are taking and have set goals.